El Niño reacts to censorship in his concert and predicts the end of “an absurd bloodthirsty ideology”

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Cuban singer and songwriter Emilio Friasconductor of the orchestra The Boy and the Truthreacted to censorship episode of which he was a victim this Saturday and he did it with a shocking text in which He warned that “one day everything will be different in Cuba” and that the end of what he described as … Read more

Olivia Newton-John appeared in the most absurd and funny shark movie

Olivia Newton John appeared in the most absurd and funny shark

Olivia Newton-John didn’t just appear in ‘Grease’ or sing in ‘Always on Sunday,’ she also raffled off a cameo in this mega-amazing and wacky franchise. The departure of Olivia Newton-John, who died last Monday after fighting breast cancer for 30 years, was a very strong impact for an entire generation that grew up with Grease, … Read more

A cinema employee shows the most absurd things she finds in the room at the end of a movie

A cinema employee shows the most absurd things she finds

Losing something in the theater while the movie is progressing and the lights are off can be synonymous with never finding it again. This is what an employee of a large chain of cinemas has demonstrated in a TikTok video. The young woman, identified under the user @ochoastep, went viral showing the curious objects that … Read more

Road Safety destroyed Mariano Iúdica for the accident with Callejón’s daughter: “Absurd”

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Pablo Martínez Carignano, Executive Director of the National Road Safety Agency, criticized Mariano Judica and the production of Sunday night for what happened live with the daughter of Maria Fernanda Callejon. The official described as “irresponsible” the fact of putting a girl on a motorcycle on. Giovanna, the young daughter of the actress, was sitting … Read more

Iker Jiménez explodes against inclusive language: “Aberrant, absurd and invented”

Iker Jimenez explodes against inclusive language Aberrant absurd and invented

Iker Jiménez closed one of his last speeches in ‘Fourth Millennium’ with some words that have not stopped circulating on social networks. The presenter rescued a tweet from Arturo Pérez-Reverte about the inclusive language and shared with viewers his opinion on the subject: “I’m not a practical example of this, obviously, but language, especially when … Read more

‘Ambulance’: the new Michael Bay is exaggerated, absurd, cheesy and tremendously entertaining

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In ambulance, by Michael Bay, everything happens very fast. In the film starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, each situation is the trigger for something bigger. And in fact, one of the highest points of the film is the capacity of the movement — of the camera, and of its characters — to narrate … Read more

The Batman copies Homer Simpson’s most absurd plan

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Share0 The Batman and Homer Simpson Director Matt Reeves thought it was a good idea for The Batman’s villain to copy Homer Simpson. Attention this article contains SPOILERS. The movie just came out batman in theaters and shows us how the great hero of DC Comics You must stop Enigma while solving all of his … Read more

The first horror short written by an AI: a copy of ‘Saw’ so funny and absurd that it even has police whales

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The field of the artificial intelligence It has left us with some very interesting innovations. We have seen this technology remaster 100-year-old movies, summarize books, program and until rebuilding pictures, not to mention his role as a screenwriter and producer of ‘Sunspring‘, the Ross Goodwin short written entirely by an AI. What artificial intelligence is … Read more

The scriptwriter of Soy Leyenda had to clarify that the film is fiction due to an absurd argument of the anti-vaccines – La Tercera

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It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the whole movie or just remember its saddest moments, but probably if you’ve ever heard of it in your life. I’m legend they are clear that the film starring Will Smith is a work of fiction. However, although it seems absurd to emphasize that that 2007 production is … Read more

The absurd amount of money Catherine Zeta-Jones spent on her wedding

The absurd amount of money Catherine Zeta Jones spent on her

Catherine Zeta-Jones Y Michael Douglas they have one of the greatest love stories in Hollywood. Despite their age difference of 25 years, the couple is super adorable together, and Zeta-Jones shares photos of her and Michael on her Instagram account. Related news The couple met at 1996But it wasn’t exactly what we would call love … Read more