She was a successful tennis player, she abandoned it to succeed in the gold cinema, but a powerful stalker cut short her dreams

The “Golden Age of Mexican cinema“Undoubtedly, he marked history forever as he gave way to great actors and actresses who will never be forgotten. Golden Cinema was a period in the history of mexican cinema that began in 1936 and led the country to become the center of commercial films in Latin America, one of … Read more

Bad Bunny and Juan Luis Guerra: Shelter raffles concert tickets to feed abandoned animals

Bad Bunny and Juan Luis Guerra Shelter raffles concert tickets

Albergue holds a raffle for tickets to the Bad Bunny and Juan Luis Guerra concert. A new initiative for the most vulnerable animals. This time the hostel Naughty Angels is organizing a raffle in favor of the animals they care for. The winner will get tickets for the concerts of Bad Bunny and Juan Luis … Read more

Olivia Wilde slams assumption she ‘abandoned’ her kids with ex Jason Sudeikis – Up News Info

Olivia Wilde slams assumption she abandoned her kids with

Olivia Wilde claims people ‘assume’ she has ‘abandoned’ her children whenever she is pictured without them. Wilde, 38, is pictured regularly, especially after the drama in her latest movie ‘Don’t Worry Darling’. The actress and director shares custody of her two children with ex Jason Sudeikis. “If I’m not pictured with my kids, people assume … Read more

The mystery of Molly Ringwald, the eighties star who abandoned her career for “the other Weinsteins” | Celebrities | S Fashion THE COUNTRY

The mystery of Molly Ringwald the eighties star who abandoned

Just a few days ago, the FX chain announced a new name that was added to the stellar cast that will have the second installment of its series Feud. To those already known as Demi Moore, Calista Flockhart, Naomi Watts or Chloë Sevigny, was joined by none other than Molly Ringwald, the American actress known … Read more

PHOTOS: This is the ranch of Ángela Aguilar’s grandfather, which is completely abandoned

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

The Ranch “El Soyate” is the best known property of Aguilar dynasty well that was where Wild Flower and Antonio Aguilar spent his last years of life, however, not many know that “El Charro de México” owned other large and historic properties also located in his native Zacatecas, so this time we will present you … Read more

Sophie Marceau saved a small abandoned dog – She then considers him “an angel fallen from heaven”

Sophie Marceau saved a small abandoned dog She then

Sophie Marceau is an animal rights activist. For our animal friends, the actress does not hesitate to raise her voice. Note that a few years ago, she decided to save a small abandoned dog by adopting it. We give you more details about it. Fallen in love with the canine, the pretty brunette is happy … Read more

Cary Grant, the heartthrob who abandoned everything to avoid repeating his greatest trauma

Cary Grant the heartthrob who abandoned everything to avoid repeating

He was the male reference of an entire cinematographic generation. Cary Grant he was the epitome of elegance personified, admired by the industry and the world at large. At first glance, anyone would say that he had it all, however, his personal history contains a tragedy that defined his entire life. So much so that … Read more

What is the reason why Marco Antonio Solís abandoned his daughter Beatriz during her childhood

Marco Antonio Solis He is without a doubt one of the most recognized singers in the Spanish-speaking world. The artist is a singer-songwriter, musician, composer, actor and music producer. The winner of five Latin Grammy awards, he has more than 40 years of experience and has composed countless songs that his fans know and continue … Read more

Julión Álvarez abandoned his plane in the United States. Why?

Julión Álvarez abandoned his plane in the United States. Why? | Instagram After the investigation for an alleged money laundering to which the singer was subjected Julian Alvarez for him United States Department of the TreasuryNow it is known that the singer left a plane he owned stranded in a hangar in that country for … Read more

A “The Boys” video game project with Mads Mikkelsen has been abandoned

A The Boys video game project with Mads Mikkelsen has scaled

Would you like to play a video game like “The Boys”? It could have been possible, but the project imagined by Hideo Kojima, with Mads Mikkelsen in the main role, was abandoned because of its concept that was too similar to the series. The BoysAmazon’s superhero series The Boys is a big hit for Amazon … Read more