Aaron Paul’s bad eye complicated his career after ‘Breaking Bad’

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

EFE videos Emigration, “a state of mind” for Argentine youth Buenos Aires, Oct 2 (EFE).- More and more young people think about leaving Argentina, “a state of mind” motivated by the continuous economic crises that have deteriorated the quality of life, added to post-pandemic fatigue and frustration, and the little expectation of change generated by … Read more

Aaron Díaz and Ana Brenda star in the series ‘Toda la Sangre’

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The literary saga “Casasola” by Bernardo Esquinca, was adapted to the series “Toda la Sangre”. In this adaptation, the protagonists are a reporter who encounters crimes as particular as the case of human hearts thrown into the Templo Mayor. Putting a journalist at the center of the investigation in a Mexico where they are murdered … Read more

Sam, 55, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 32, pose in a rare photo taken by their 10-year-old daughter – Noufelle FR

Sam 55 and Aaron Taylor Johnson 32 pose in a rare

Image Credit: Domine Jerome/ABACA/Shutterstock It is not clear if Romy Taylor Johnson knows what she wants to be when she grows up, but she could envision a life behind the camera. The girl from Sam Taylor Johnson and Aaron Taylor Johnson captured her parents, and the photo was so good that 55-year-old Sam had to … Read more

Aaron Paul told details of his relationship with Bryan Cranston away from Breaking Bad

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The actors Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, protagonists of Breaking Bad and interpreters of the iconic characters Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, continually reveal what kind of relationship they have behind the scenes several years after the end of the successful series and it seems that Aaron Paul is still surprised at that chemistry. September … Read more

Exclusive! Aaron Díaz talks about a new series with Ana Brenda Contreras and her loves in real life

Exclusive Aaron Diaz talks about a new series with Ana

Aaron Diaz returns to the small screen in the series all the blood, premiering September 15 on Pantaya and ViX+. In the suspenseful story, she returns to star alongside Ana Brenda Contreras. “I have known her for many years. We have worked together several times and it is always very nice to meet her again. … Read more

Sandra Echeverría suffered abuse from Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Taylor Kitsch

Sandra Echeverria suffered abuse from Aaron Taylor Johnson and Taylor Kitsch

Sandra Echeverría says that Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Taylor Kitsch “were two jerks” during the filming of Salvajes In the presentation of the seriesthe lady , Sandra Echeverria He talked about how it was to work with the actors Aaron Taylor Johnson Y taylor kitsch during the filming of Wild, where she played a girl who … Read more

He said goodbye: Aaron Paul finally said goodbye to Jesse Pinkman after Better Call Saul

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celebrities Jesse Pinkman is one of the most beloved characters on breaking bad and of Better Call Saul. Know the truth: will it ever appear again? By Noelia Rios 08/20/2022 – 17:58 UTC 08/20/2022 – 17:58 UTC © IMDBAaron Paul in Breaking Bad “The best series of all time”, This is how many both fans … Read more

Tenet: the casting process unveiled by Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Tenet the casting process unveiled by Aaron Taylor Johnson

Christopher Nolan is one of the contemporary directors appreciated by the general public. The filmmaker is still helming big-budget blockbusters for over a decade with The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar among his major works. In the midst of a pandemic, Warner did not hesitate to release tenet, the latest feature film by Christopher Nolan, … Read more

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul unveil two ‘Breaking Bad’ statues in Albuquerque – Democrat Blog

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul unveil two Breaking Bad statues scaled

Albuquerque is the setting for both breaking Bad like its prequel, You better call Saul. One need only watch one episode to see that this New Mexico town is not at its best, with high rates of crime and drug use which, on TV, are made worse by Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman … Read more

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Says Kraven Will Be “The Hunter Everyone Wants” I Cine PREMIERE

Aaron Taylor Johnson Says Kraven Will Be The Hunter Everyone Wants

Sony started its Universe of spider-man with the launch of Venom. The 2018 film became a box office hit (not critically so) and gave the studio confidence to continue exploring lesser-known characters on film. this is how it came Morbius and soon it will be the turn of Kraven, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson playing the iconic … Read more