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Exclusive Netflix Movies That Everyone Ignores But Is Much Better Than You Think

Although it has a very interesting catalog, there are many Netflix productions that, despite being…

ByByHattie ThompsonMay 30, 2021

13 short sci-fi series to watch in one sitting and available in streaming

We don’t have time to spare, precisely. That is why we propose you a few…

ByByAnthony MooreMay 30, 2021

“Saying goodbye and not knowing if you will see him again or hug him” Carlos Rivera lived distressing moments!

Days of anguish for Carlos Rivera His father was infected! | Instagram The singer, Carlos…

ByByJacob SmithMay 30, 2021

Former television producer, one step from jail for sexual harassment cases

The United States justice issued an arrest warrant against the ex-producer of the program ‘The…

ByByAnthony MooreMay 30, 2021