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The Sopranos: Alec Baldwin talks about the role of his dreams that has passed under his nose

This legendary series, by David Chase, considered by many to be a masterpiece, was broadcast…

ByByDonald JacksonJune 2, 2021

From “chichis” for all to a Metallica concert, controversial proposals

Chichis (breasts) surgeries, a Metallica concert, castration for femicides or a fighter who puts on…

ByByJacob SmithJune 2, 2021

Chris Hemsworth’s iron arms celebrate the end of filming for ‘Thor 4’

There are about 11 months until ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’hit theaters, and filming just ended.…

ByByHattie ThompsonJune 2, 2021

Cannes Film Festival: Jodie Foster will receive the honorary Palme d’Or 2021, when?

CANNES FESTIVAL 2021. La Croisette is preparing to host the next Cannes Film Festival. Jodie…

ByByDonald JacksonJune 2, 2021