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Band of brothers: united in music and in the family –

Some families have given music more than one talent. Rivals and accomplices, there are not…

ByByJacob SmithMay 24, 2021

Will Smith’s unprecedented conditions to return to the DC universe

Photo: Warner Bros. PicturesWithout a doubt, Will Smith He is one of the most profitable…

ByByHattie ThompsonMay 24, 2021

‘Master of None’, criticizes: more mature, but recovering its best essence

Master of None always tried to defy the canons of comedies with airs of dramas…

ByByAnthony MooreMay 24, 2021

Michelle Trachtenberg: the current life of the former child star who shone in Buffy and Gossip Girl

Throughout the history of Hollywood, one of the “pillars” of the industry has undoubtedly been…

ByByDonald JacksonMay 24, 2021