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Latin Grammy 2022 EN VIVO GRATIS por TNT y Univisión: hora y canal de la premiación

Los Premios Grammy Latinos 2022 volvieron a sorprender. El esperado evento de música se llevó…

ByByJacob SmithNov 18, 2022

The true story behind “The Prodigy”, the Florence Pugh movie on Netflix

2022 has been a year full of premieres and new projects for Florence Pugh, who…

ByByHattie ThompsonNov 18, 2022

This is having Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, as your boss

Since Elon Musk took the reins of Twitter a few weeks ago, there have been…

ByByMary BleaNov 18, 2022

The complete list of winners of the Latin Grammy 2022

The night was in honor of Marco Antonio Solís (REUTERS / Steve Marcus)The ceremony 23…

ByByJacob SmithNov 18, 2022


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