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Romney calls billionaire Ray Dalio’s investments in China a “sad moral fault”

Just two days after officially (and quietly) confirming its intention to replace the International Space…

ByByMary BleaDecember 4, 2021

Lily Collins faces criticism that overshadowed ‘Emily in Paris’

When it was released in October 2020 ‘Emily in Paris’, the internet stopped. The series,…

ByByDonald JacksonDecember 4, 2021

Emma Thompson lifts the veil on Karen’s moving ‘Love Actually’ stage

The scene of Love Actually, in which Karen played by Emma Thompson burst into tears…

ByByDonald JacksonDecember 4, 2021

Led Zeppelin: 41 years ago, the band decided to disband

It was on a day like today, 41 years ago, that after two months after…

ByByJacob SmithDecember 4, 2021


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