Zendaya, HER and Kehlani almost formed their own marching band in the past

Can you imagine a girlband formed by Zendaya, HER. Y Kehlani? A practically guaranteed success that was about to take place, nothing more and nothing less than a decade ago! And it is that, as he has confessed the winner of the Oscar Award for Best Song This year, it is something that could have happened perfectly. Who knows if they could have become the worthy successors of Destiny’s Child, for example?

It has been in an interview in The Carlos Watson Show where the singer HER has looked back to the past, specifically to his childhood in California where he met many other great names in current music while He was part of a teenage group called Poplyfe. Band that also included Kehlani and Dylan Wiggins, the son of one of the members of the group Tony! Toni! Toné! and that today he has also become a great musician.

“We all used to sing together”, explained the interpreter of Focus. “Zendaya it was also at some point. But yes, we all grew up together. I came on the scene in Oakland and we used to perform together. “As for what music they played HER gave the answer during another interview in 2019: We used to sing Need you bad from Jazmine sullivan, Pop Life from Prince Y If I Were A Boy from Beyoncé, recalled the singer at that time with Kehlani.

In fact, this group came to pass through the stage of America’s Got Talent and that’s when the jury encouraged Kehlani to kick off his own solo career beyond Poplyfe. Shortly after, in 2012, the group disbanded and each one went their own way, in the case of HER was the release of a single in 2014 titled Something To Prove and it will not be until 2016 when he presented himself to the world with his stage name, saying goodbye to Gabi wilson (your real name) and conquering stars like Alicia Keys or Rihanna with her music.

Who knows if at the height of remakes these three great artists also get nostalgia and decide to sing a song together again.