Yuta from NCT 127 received his first Dr. Simi and has not yet arrived in Mexico

Dr. Simi stuffed animals have become very popular among Mexicans and they always want to throw one at their favorite artist on stage. During one of NCT 127’s concerts in the United States, a Mexican NCTzen threw a Dr. Simi onto the stage and Yuta caught it.

Yuta from NCT 17 excited all of NCTzen in Mexico after he grabbed a stuffed animal from dr simi during one of his most recent concerts in the United States. She even made him sing.

NCT 127’s Yuta grabbed a Dr. Simi. // Source: Twitter @nytfiles

For many Mexican fans, Dr. Simi became a sign of affection for their favorite artists and they have not only given them away in Mexico, they have also traveled abroad with their stuffed animals to be able to launch them on stage. Do you want to see Yuta with one of these stuffed animals?

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NCT 127’s Yuta Picked Up A Dr. Simi Stuffed Animal At A Concert And Made It Sing

During one of their most recent concerts in the United States, NCT 127 received lots of stuffed animals on stage and Yuta took one that has great meaning for all Mexican fans: A dr simi.

Through TikTok, an NCTzen shared her experiences buying and dressing a Dr.Simi in the clothes from the NEO CITY: THE LINK tour. To later take the stuffed animal to the concert with a sign that said: Haechan is here.

After throwing him on the stage, Dr. Simi caught the attention of Yuta, who did not hesitate to take the peculiar doll and even made it sing on stage, placing its microphone over the stuffed animal’s mouth. Without a doubt, it was a great day for NCTzen from Mexico. you can see the TikTok here:

  • NCT 127’s Yuta with a Dr. Simi. // Source: TikTok @andreawxst

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When does NCT 127 perform in Mexico?

The group NCT 127 will be presented in Mexico City on January 28 in the Palace of Sports. In addition to that, the group sold out in the sale of their tickets, so the concert promises to be a success. Are you going to see them?

In other news, haechan He will not be participating in NCT 127’s tour in America due to health issues. Did you hear?

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Yuta from NCT 127 received his first Dr. Simi and has not yet arrived in Mexico