YouTube gives its arm to twist and will allow you to watch videos in ‘picture in picture’ mode on iPhone

YouTube has been with us for almost 15 years and for whatever reason, we still have the idea that it is a free service in our minds. It actually is, but we can’t forget that you have an option premium that removes all the ads at a stroke, gives us the full subscription of music in streaming (YouTube Music) and, in addition, it has a series of advantages such as playing in the background, so that we can listen to your videos as if they were podcasts while we have the phone locked.

All those advantages YouTube takes great care to prevent them from being enjoyed for free, through tricks within the browser, etc. So with the picture in picture (PiP) of iPhone it has happened that, in the end, those of Mountain View have had to give up and begin to open their hand so that any user of the platform can enjoy it. Whether or not it is a paying subscriber.

First subscribers and now not

If you remember, the history of this PiP is, to say the least, curious. When iOS allowed that of playing content from one application over another, YouTube it was compatible for a very few days, which elapsed until that option was deactivated. Later, users found a way to do it thanks to Safari and the Americans also ran to block it. So now it seems that we reached the end of the soap opera with a massive release of this PiP to all users after a few days limited only to … subscribers !!

Modo ‘picture in picture’ de iPhone.

So things, finally this PiP will be available to everyone users progressively thanks to an update that has started in the last few hours. As you know, these processes usually take time in the case of Mountain View services, and that period can be extended up to 15 days. So you have to wait if you want to see something while using another application such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

The way to access this PiP is automatic since while we are playing a video, if we slide our finger from the bottom to access the home, we will see how the window where the content is being played becomes a floating element that is superimposed on any screen that we have underneath. Be it icons or application menus that we have accessed to do whatever it takes. Great news that, hopefully, does not (again) go back.