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The de My Laferte they are several lives in one. 25 of his 38 years have been dedicated to working in music. “I played in transvestite circuses, in the street, covers of all kinds, I sang in a tango group, I was on TV, I became famous singing trash pop, I came here, I played in a metal band, I played in Veracruz, I played covers of rock, I have done so many things in my life and all that has been only to survive, with that I paid the rent, with that I collected to make my music, all the way has been the same “, he told the Indie Rocks Mexico portal in 2015, consulted for her adventures, her journey through various countries, for the milestones and characters that marked that path.

Today, the most popular Chilean singer-songwriter in the world has just lost one of those key people in her hectic biography of travel, effort and musical search: as confirmed by various Mexican media this morning, in the last hours the musician died in his native Veracruz Cesar Ceja, composer and producer of the first Viñamarina albums and a fundamental ally at the beginning of his career in North America, more than a decade ago, in addition to his ex-partner.

“Dear Cesar, you were my best friend and partner for more than 6 years, you gave me a family in Mexico, you always took care of me when I was sick, you made me laugh a lot”The singer herself commented on her Instagram profile with several photos with the musician, known by the stage name of “Mr Ceja” and whose CV also includes collaborations with Ana Torroja, Emmanuel, Mijares, Alejandra Guzmán and Kalimba, among others. . He was only 40 years old and the cause of his death would have been a heart attack.

“I wrote many songs for you and you wrote me many too, you were always my teacher and we were very, very happy together. Now I think of all the songs we did together, I know they will continue to sound and I will sing them with more love than ever “Mon Laferte added in his virtual farewell.

Although Monserrat Bustamante settled in Mexico in 2007, after resigning from the Rojo program and leaving Chile, it was in 2011 that the singer debuted with her first official album in that country, Disposable, already with his defined artistic alias and a new stylistic proposal loaded with pop rock and lyrics about heartbreak and toxic relationships. There the collaboration of Ceja was vital, who appears in the credits as producer of the album and co-author of nine of its ten songs.

After composing together in 2012 the main theme of the soundtrack of the Peruvian film Good peter, titled Come back please, the couple dedicated themselves to working on the second LP of Viñamarina in North America, Tornasol (2013), also released by Warner Chappell – his first record company before Universal – and with Ceja in production.

But the influence of the Mexican singer-songwriter on the soloist’s career and discography was not limited to those early albums. In addition to contributing his voice for his projects, Mon Laferte was inspired by Ceja, in the relationship between the two and their subsequent breakdown, to create some of his most famous hymns and heartbreaking ballads, such as Your lack of wanting, If you would love me Y Torment, (in the latter the Mexican also appears as a co-author). They were all part of My Laferte vol. 1 (2015), the album that launched the singer-songwriter to definitive fame and turned her into a continental phenomenon.

Bustamante would have met Ceja approximately in 2009, when he began to travel every weekend from Mexico City to Veracruz, to sing covers in clubs in that coastal city and earn a living. After six years of courtship and artistic collaboration, the term would have been devastating but ultimately inspiring for the soloist, who thereafter began her worldwide takeoff.

“I have a super sad song … They put the horn on me”Laferte said during a live performance in 2016, before presenting Your lack of wanting before, an audience somewhat dislocated and incredulous in the face of the brutal honesty of the interpreter.

“If this is true. Is seriously. About a year ago. It gave me depression. I wanted to commit suicide … how do they laugh? But if it’s true! ”He says in the registry.

Even in The braid (2017), Viñamarina’s fourth LP, a more mature, consecrating work that earned him several nominations and his first Latin Grammy -for Tie me up, along with Juanes-, Ceja appears as co-creator of some songs, probably previously composed, such as April sky -which he sings along with Manuel García on the album- and Aleli (feat Caloncho).

“I am not like a guru of love, I think I suffered them all, I believe that the idea of ​​not suffering does not exist, suffers everything, mourns everything”Bustamante commented to Indie Rocks México seven years ago, talking about how that love break ended up inspiring some of his most famous lyrics and melodies.

“I had a shitload of boyfriends to try to cover that up and I let them love me. ‘Invite me to such a place’, ‘yes we go’, ‘pay me the bill, come on’. I let myself be loved by the whole world, let’s go! I lived a lot in a short time, I cried a shitload, it gave me depression, I went to the psychiatrist, in the middle I wrote Complete love, which seems to me something unreal. I think that staying crying at home is useless, trying to show others that you are super fine, either, I also think that everyone has their different processes, this worked for me, I don’t know if I have overcome it yet, apparently yes, but we all have different processes ”, he explained then.

All in all, Mon Laferte has apparently decided to stick with the good stuff. This is what she has expressed in her networks, where she affectionately fired her “Chino”, the man who helped her take off in her new country, the one who led her to the sentimental cliff seven years ago but who, somehow, ended up also having an impact in his artistic reconversion and in the torn and intense style that he has cultivated since then.

“I owe you a lot my dear Chino, even if you are no longer here, I will always love you. And every May 2 I will remember you with much love, because we also shared our birthday, among so many things. I love you sweetie, rest in peace “, closed the interpreter.

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Your lack of love: Mon Laferte and the death of the musician who inspired his first hymns – La Tercera