“Your future president”: the video of Claudia Sheinbaum singing when she was 10 years old

The head of government participated in a singing contest when she was an infant (Photo: Twitter/@EdgarMendezE)

Users on social networks rescued a video where the head of the Government of Mexico City is seen, claudia sheinbaum Pardo, participating in the concert music from latin america of 1972 with the group of infants Pilcauicatlwhen the militant of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) was 10 years old.

It was the user Edgar Méndez Elizondo (@EdgarMendezE) who shared the video on his official Twitter account, asking his followers if they had ever seen the video of the local president, whom he called “our future president” and highlighted that so young he participated in left-wing activities.

“Look at our next president @Claudiashein, at age 10 with left aptitude”, he wrote this Monday, October 24. The tweet quickly became popular on the social network, obtaining 1,285 likes, as well as 409 retweets and 31 quoted tweets.

In the 54-second video that was shared on Twitter, the now official could be seen play some instruments like the ukulele and maracas on the stage of the theater in Mexico City, in addition to singing some phrases from different protest songs that the group of infants performed.

Based on the information that is known, the program in which the brunette participated was produced and recorded by the company Nerve, property of the engineer Víctor Rapoport; Despite being recorded in 1972, it was released in 1977.

The emotion of the user who spread the video was shared by many militants and supporters who responded to the words of Méndez Elizondo, who said themselves moved and tender before the images of the head of government: “How BEAUTIFUL”, “I eat it, my girl”“It’s good that she comes from the town, raised and educated in this way.”

Although he also received comments from people who disagree with his administrative decisions: “It would have been better if he had dedicated himself to folk music” and “no wonder she has been traumatized since she was a child, if they put into her head pure anarchist and antisocial things”.

However, the video had already been released months ago by the claudia sheinbaumwhich took advantage of April 30, the day of the boy and the girl in Mexico, to remember your childhood close to music accompanied by her brother Julio Sheinbaum and the actor Daniel Giménez Cacho, better known as Compa Cacho.

The full video is on YouTube, in which it was specified that the then infants Eduardo Gamboa, Yurira Conteras, Andrés Melo and Ildanan Contreras also participated; besides the songs were performed the tatita, Martin Guemes, The sun and the moon, Windward, Zikuriada, Camilo Torres, old payment, The witch, The procession, Dove Y John Without Land.

The recording is in the channel of latin font, reaching 32 thousand 635 viewsas well as 882 “likes” and 150 comments, the latter referring to the appearance of the candidate for the candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic.

Claudia Sheinbaum’s passion for music has always been pending, so much so that during her last isolation due to COVID-19 infection in June of this year, the president performed a “live” on her official Facebook account where she sang and played some songs accompanied by her guitar.

During that evening, the head of government gave a tour of her home -located in the Tlalpan mayor’s office- to the users who were watching her transmission, later took out his instrument and complied with the requests made by some Internet users. Likewise, he announced that the guitar was a gift from his current partner, José María Tarriba.


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“Your future president”: the video of Claudia Sheinbaum singing when she was 10 years old