Yailin La Más Viral showed almost everything with transparent pants in New York and cried on Anuel AA’s shoulder

Anuel AA, boyfriend of Yailin La Más Viral.

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The Dominican interpreter and sentimental partner of Anuel AA, Yailin The Most Viralsold out tickets for his first show in New York. The trap singer exploded the networks by going viral videos of her concert two nights ago. There He showed almost everything with transparent pants, hinted and cried on Anuel AA’s shoulderWell, one of your dreams is coming true.

Carol Gthe ex of Anuel AAis not the only one who fulfilled one of her greatest desires of Coachella 2022. Yailin The Most Viralwho long ago popularized the song “Chivirika”, which became super popular on digital platforms, was presented yesterday to a full house in New York escorted by her love. The same behind the scenes closely supervising what was the performance of his girlfriend and seeing that no one went too far with her because her body was almost completely exposed with transparent pants.

Yailin The Most Viral presented her curvaceous figure wrapped in a ssexy sheer mesh ensemble that left little to the imagination. His “tail” and other attributes were exposed and made it clear why Anuel AA he is throwing the slime. Faced with her absolute success, Yailin turned and hugged her boyfriend to cry on his shoulder with emotion.

We already know that the singer, as she herself has explained, was in great need a few years ago. Now it’s a dream to be singing already full house. The Dominican flew by private plane from Las Vegas, Nevada and landed in the city of New York with the expectation of having sold out the tickets for the show that took place in the Salsa con Fuego nightclub, which was bursting.

Everything happened on stage. At the beginning Yailin The Most Viral he thanked God and his audience. She visibly moved she began to cry at that moment her partner Anuel AA He stepped out and hugged her in front of the entire audience. Fragments of her presentation also went viral, where the Dominican hinted at Carol G as reviewed by the portal Gossip No Likeat which time phrases such as: “No one has called you back, you are crying alone” and “Men like bad women” were heard, which shows that the rivalry and tension between the two singers transcends the networks and moved to the stage.

Another of the great moments of the night was the moment in which Yailin The Most Viral performed live with Anuel AA his super success: “If you look for me”, a song that has already reached more than 30 million views on Youtube. The famous Dominican bride of Anuel AA He posted a summary video of the show on his networks in which you can read his thanks to the entire audience and the promise to work and be better every day to please all his fans. Without a doubt, the reggaeton player is a great pillar in the Dominican’s career.

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Yailin La Más Viral showed almost everything with transparent pants in New York and cried on Anuel AA’s shoulder