WTF: Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst debuts a new look and he’s unrecognizable!

Nothing screams louder than adulthood has been permanently installed in our lives, that Fred Durst with gray hair and mustache 👴🏼.

Last night, the singer of 90s hits such as “Rollin ‘” or “My Generation” suffered a digital identity crisis, and updated his entire profile on Instagram. Deleted (or archived) all previous photos, changed his bio (“you’re confused? classic ☕️”), and uploaded a couple of images with a stunning new look.

No one expected that Fred Durst, the same one that incited a fire in Woodstock ’99, possessing an impeccable collection of caps, he would once look like a real gentleman.

The truth is Fred He is no longer an adolescent (and neither was he in the early days of Limp Bizkit). He is 50 years old, with two children and three ex-wives. When he made his record debut with ‘Three Dollar Bill, Yall$’, Back in 1997, I was 27 years old, but those days are naturally behind us and it’s time to make way for the new.

The impact of seeing Fred Durst sporting a long gray hair deeply damaged the psyche of some fans, who suddenly understood that they are no longer 17 years old.

Others took things with philosophy and began to find similarities to the new image of the singer, and a good Samaritan managed to say that he looked like James Hetfield in the late 90’s in Halloween.

As to Limp Bizkit is concerned, they are still active, and they continue to affirm (since 2012) that ‘Stampede Of The Disco Elephants’, his sixth record material, is in production. Recently the guitarist Wes Borland he told NME they had recorded the instrumentals for 35 new songs.

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