Woman told how much she pays for electricity and water in the USA and deflated the American dream of more than one

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The famous ‘American dream’ It is one of the alternatives most used by those who cannot find a job opportunity in their place of origin, for which they decide to travel to another country to look for better living conditions.

About, USA It is considered the favorite country to migrate, since there migrants can find a job thatIt gives them the opportunity to improve their income and with it, their quality of life.

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In recent years, hundreds of anecdotes have been known in which people who travel to the american country They tell how their experience has been and if it really is as easy as they paint it. In this regard, a Spanish woman shared on TikTok how much do you pay for services in a house located in the state of Florida.

How much do you pay for electricity and water in the United States?

The Spanish, Nury Calvo, based in Miami, United States, revealed the amount of money she pays in terms of public services such as electricity and water. To begin with, he told about the household appliances that he uses and among them the following stood out: washer and dryertwo refrigerators, 24-hour air conditioning, among others.

Then, he proceeded to reveal how much is the charge that comes to him for the light, which was 138.35 dollarsthat is, at the current change, close to 588,400 Colombian pesosa figure that, in Colombia, is quite high.

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Regarding the water, the Spanish migrant explained that “we have automatic irrigation, we shower like any neighbor’s son or more, because you sweat a lot here, washing machines… And I have paid 121 this month”, which is close to 514,600 Colombian pesos.

In total, just for water and electricity, it is more than a million Colombian pesos, which equivalent to about a minimum wage in the countryTherefore, for many it was an exaggerated figure. However, for others the value is normal given the country and the appliances you use.

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Woman told how much she pays for electricity and water in the USA and deflated the American dream of more than one