Why did Katy Perry’s eye close in concert?

During a concert of her residence in Las Vegas, the singer Katy Perry He had an eyelid tic and had difficulty keeping his right eye open. The video (below), where the audience can be heard screaming when they realize it, began to circulate on social networks and went viral.

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The Californian singer wears a metallic dress and at the end of a song she remains motionless with her face to the public —directly to the camera that recorded it—. At one point, her right eye closes and the singer touches her temple with what opens, but then closes again. The public screams when she realizes it. According to international media, the singer moved again and asked for a bigger ovation for her band, apparently already with control over her eye.

The video surprised Internet users and jokes about it were immediate.

The possible explanation that has been given for this is a condition called amblyopia. The singer said last year during a program of american idol who suffers from what she calls “wonk eye” and that in Spanish is known as lazy or lazy eye, colloquially. Amblyopia is a condition of poor vision in only one eye and develops when there is a failure of the brain and eye to work together, and the brain cannot recognize vision from one eye. One of the symptoms is precisely that one eye tends to close.

On the other hand, the most staunch fans of the interpreter of “Teenage Dream”, have assured on social networks that it is a game that the singer does during the concert, in which she pretends to be an old doll whose eye is blocked. .

Also, there are those who assure that it was a problem with her makeup.

The worst fear of some fans is that it is facial paralysis, like the one that afflicts the singer justin bieber.

The singer of “Firework”, who turns 38 today, October 25, has not commented on the matter.

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Why did Katy Perry’s eye close in concert?