“When the Lakers lend you their field, what more can you ask for”: Ricardo Arjona’s message with which he thanks the gift after the concert in Los Angeles

Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona is in the United States because he has several concerts scheduled in that country that will be part of Black and White Tour, the tour that officially began on Thursday, February 3 in Spain and that each presentation has been offered with full houses.

During his stay in Europe, Arjona captivated with his shows and his followers They gave him multiple messages and signs of affection.

Despite his successful tour and the joy of his fans, the Guatemalan singer-songwriter reported on March 11 that he tested positive for covid-19 and suspended some presentations due to his health condition.

Recovered and with the illusion of presenting his recent songs, Arjona continued with Black and White Tour and currently has squandered talent on several North American stages.

In the house of the Lakers

On Sunday, May 1, Ricardo Arjona appeared at the emblematic Crypto.com, the home of the Los Angeles Lakers, formerly known as Staples Center.

During the show, the Guatemalan artist delighted the audience with an extensive repertoire in which he highlighted themes from White Y Blackalbums that give title to the recent tour.

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“What a night for God. Thanks, Los Angeles. I leave loaded with magic and life. They are loved ”, Ricardo published in his network accounts, after the concert and the publication was accompanied by a short clip in which he showed the venue.

Arjona continued with his publications on digital platforms, showed his joy at having filled another emblematic stage and this Tuesday, May 3, he shared images of that presentation.

“When the Lakers lend you their court, they give you their jersey and write the name of the record that saved your life on it. What more could you want. Things that happen ”, was the text that Arjona published and that he accompanied with photographs in which the famous American basketball team wears the shirt.

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The fan’s endorsement

According to admirers of the national artist, the organizers of the emblematic Crypto.com stage, in coordination with the staff, they gave him the Lakers jersey because they recognize the facet of Ricardo Arjona in Guatemalan basketball.

It is difficult for a Latin artist to fill venues like these and even more so if it is his first time. Ricardo had never appeared in this place. However, he did it with a full house and not everyone achieves that, ”he said. Mayra López, Mexican and member of the Independent California Fan Club.

According to Mayra, the club is made up of people from Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and the United States. In addition, during Ricardo’s recent visit to the North American country, they took the opportunity to attend several presentations.

“The gesture of the venue by giving Ricardo the Lakers shirt was extraordinary because they recognized his musical talent and reminded him of his past in basketball,” added Mayra.

“One as a fan admires several things about Ricardo, but if something should be highlighted, it is what happened at Crypto.com, it is the face he put on during the ovation of more than five minutes. That Show It was spectacular and all of us who attended thanked him for what he represents in the history of music. I imagine that he as an artist must feel satisfied. In addition, Guatemalans should feel proud of how he represents them”, concluded Mayra.

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“When the Lakers lend you their field, what more can you ask for”: Ricardo Arjona’s message with which he thanks the gift after the concert in Los Angeles