When the Beatles broke up and why – Everything you need to know about the famous breakup

The Beatles are one of the most recognized musical bands worldwide. They are among the most successful international groups. His compositions have transcended from generation to generation and have millions of followers spread across the planet, many of whom are still wondering the reason for their separation. Likewise, the breakup of the Beatles band marked a before and after in the world of music, since it marked the end of one of the most successful bands in history. There were several factors that ended with the group, some of which are unknown to many of their fans.

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What year did the Beatles break up?

April 10, 1970, Paul McCartney announced his departure from the Beatles in an interview and, consequently, the dissolution of the group. The news shocked millions of fans and the international press, but it was not a big surprise given the deterioration of relations between the members of the band since 1966.

Let it Be is the last Beatles album, was the twelfth studio produced by the band. It is a very controversial album since its inception. When they stopped performing live in 1966 due to the impossibility of transmitting their music on stage, the group decided to record an album to perform one last live concert: the proposal became known as Get Back. The recording sessions for this last album began in 1969 and were filmed by filmmaker Michael Lindsay-Hogg. The material, later released as a film, won an Oscar in 1970 for best soundtrack.

Let it Be rehearsals were very tense and full of discussions between the members of the band. Since the previous albums, the relationship between them was increasingly hostile. The constant presence of Yoko Ono in rehearsals, the exhaustion and disinterest of Harrison, Lennon and Starr were key factors in this regard. Also, the collapse of the band caused the abandonment of the recordings at Twickenham Studios moving to Abbey Road. In April 1970 the album could be finished with the production of Phil Spector.

Let it Be is considered as one of the best albums in the history of the Beatles, despite not having much of the critical acceptance compared to other works of the band. In any case, its commercial success was indisputable, being number 1 in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Why did the Beatles break up?

There are four main factors that explain the definitive separation of the Beatles in 1970: the death of Brian Epstein, the appearance of Yoko Ono, the fight of egos between the members of the band and the unchecking of Paul McCartney.

Passing away of Brian Epstein

Beatles manager Brian Epstein was instrumental in the band’s success. The friendship of the members of the group and the good relations between them was greatly fostered by the good work of Epstein. A clarifying example in this sense was the audiovisual archive of the first stage of the band (1962-1966): jokes, laughter and a great atmosphere among the artists as predominant factors.

Epstein’s death in 1967 was a further trigger of the separation of the Beatles, since, despite continuing to produce albums with very good music, the personal and professional relationships between the components of the band suffered.

Yoko Ono’s appearance

John Lennon’s partner was considered the main culprit of the separation of the Beatles. She always wanted to be with Lennon and vice versa, so she was very present in the day to day life of the band. She had disagreements with George Harrison and Paul McCartney. She may have had an influence on the final decision to break up the group, but the Japanese woman was probably not as decisive in the separation as is said.

fight of egos

Paul McCartney wanted to assume leadership from 1966, which the other three members of the band did not like. They considered that he was excessively authoritarian and they united against him to stop any decision that he wanted to implement. The solo projects McCartney wanted to start didn’t help either. to the relations between the members of the Beatles. In addition, George Harrison felt undervalued and John Lennon was fed up with the tense atmosphere among his peers. Both threatened to quit the Beatles before the final separation, an intention that Ringo Starr also had.

Uncheck Paul McCartney

On December 31, 1970, Paul McCartney sued the band so that, according to his own statements, save it, release Get Back, Anthology and other remastered albums of the group. McCartney justified the demand for him because otherwise the Beatles’ last manager, Allen Klein, would own the productions. This demand was painful for McCartney, since he denounced his friends and bandmates, it was one more sign of his distancing from the group.

How long did the Beatles last?

The legacy of the Beatles is hugely influential on rock and all other musical styles. From its beginnings in the 1960s until its separation in 1970, accumulated countless achievements and international successess that made them great music legends.

Among the most successful of the band are the following:

  • They won 9 Grammy Awards.
  • Recording of 13 studio albums.
  • Sales of more than 600 million records worldwide.
  • Winners of an Oscar for the soundtrack of Let it Be.
  • 6 albums and 9 songs of his were integrated into the Grammy Hall of Fame.
  • They were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.

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When the Beatles broke up and why – Everything you need to know about the famous breakup