June 11, 2021

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When is the BTS concert in Mexico? This will cost the tickets

When is the BTS concert in Mexico This will cost

Brazil and Mexico are among the Latin American countries that enter the top 10 of places where more fans have BTS and due to the rumors of the band’s visit in Brazil, hopes for the Mexican Republic are increased. When is your concert and how much will the ticket cost?

The Latin American public is recognized worldwide due to its great dedication and fanaticism, the fans mexicans, Argentines, brazilians, Chileans, etc. go crazy with their bands favorites and show it in many ways; they place their idols in trends, they stream their songs, give them thousands of reproductions and in the concerts they deliver absolutely everything for their artists.

BTS Y Mexico they already have a history, in 2015 it was the first time we were able to enjoy this great band of K-Pop at the Sports Palace with his Tour ‘The Red Bullet’ and the second time in 2017 for the K-Con of that year; despite the fanaticism of ARMY in this country, there have only been two opportunities to see them live.

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Since 2017, ARMY has waited impatiently for the return of his favorite idols and Mexico has stood out in the heart of BTS by the number of fans, his dedication and all the streaming that has been done in the country, without forgetting that in Mexico it was sold out The BTS Meal very fast which is a good measure for their sales in the country in terms of concerts.

At the end of 2019, BTS’s Pop-Up Store also arrived in the country, a place that became a fan favorite to take photos and get official merchandise from Jin, Jungkook, V, RM, J-Hope, Sugar and Jimin.

When is the BTS concert in Mexico 2022?

The boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan have been flirting with Mexico even before the health contingency, as there were rumors that the country would be included in the gira Map Of The Soul 2020, in addition to companies mexican What Ticketmaster mentioning the band and course music with a very special video that made ARMY Mexican will be very excited.

Recently Flesch has confirmed that BTS I would be visiting Latin America For the first half of 2022, the specific country mentioned was Brazil, because of this rumors about the concert of Bangtan in other countries like Mexico Y Colombia where the companies of each country have given clues about the visit of this band of K-Pop to their lands.

There has also been talk about the possibility of BTS reaching Mexico in end of 2021Could it be that in these days we will have news of the band’s tour in the country?

How much are tickets for the BTS concert in Mexico 2022?

If the visit of BTS a Mexico, ARMY-L you will have plenty of time to save and buy your tickets, but what will be the range of prices? To begin with and according to the popularity of the band that has grown too much since 2017 on their last visit, it would be best to take them to a much larger space such as the Sun Forum or the Aztec stadium.

Surely there would be a great separation of the zones and obviously the More expensive will be close to the stage and the cheapest at the distance, we calculate a range of prices from $ 1,000 pesos for remote areas up to $ 8,000 pesos in the area VIP and if there is a package with Hi-Touch O Meet & Greet, it could cost up to $ 15,000 pesos.

For now, it only remains to start filling the piggy bank and stop spending money on unnecessary things because if the concert of BTS on Mexico the following year, surely the tickets They’re going to fly and we can’t miss this amazing band of K-Pop visiting our country.

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