June 11, 2021

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When did ENHYPEN debut? Learn more about this incredible band

When did ENHYPEN debut Learn more about this incredible band

In the competition program ‘I-Land’ we could see the birth of ENHYPEN, through the advancement of the program and the idols, an excellent band of 7 young idols was formed that show us their talent every day.

The industry of K-Pop works year after year to continue producing and launching new bands with lots of music and love for the fans of the genre, although there are still quite a few active bands from other generations, the 4th. generation of K-Pop is forming to face the future with new music and new concepts.

CJ E&M Y Big Hit Entertainment teamed up to audition for a new band of K-Pop, at the end of 2019 began ‘Belif Global Audition’ to find the best talent in South Korea and in other countries like Japan Y USA. Thus begins the story of ENHYPEN.

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Thanks to your talent and effort today Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo y Ni-ki they are part of ENHYPEN and have created great things for ENGENE that we will surely also have in the future.

When did ENHYPEN debut?

At the end ‘I-Land’ and choose who would be part of ENHYPEN, he began to promote his first EP and the presales began exceeding 150 thousand sales, so the EP ‘Border: Day One’ and the simple ‘Given-Taken’ were published on November 30 of 2020 and the group held a live event to promote them, which is why that date is considered the debut of this new band of K-Pop.

Since then the boys of ENHYPEN have been featured in important Korea As the Music Bank and will soon release their first EP in Japanese with a new song and Japanese versions of their songs.

How successful was ENHYPEN with their debut?

It can be considered that ENHYPEN is a great promise of K-Pop, because the copies that were sold in presale of his EP ‘Border: Day One’ they check it out, in addition to winning some awards like in ‘The Fact Music Awards’ Y ‘Seoul Music Awards’; finally without forgetting the great fanbase what is being called ENGENE.

Surely ENHYPEN has a lot to offer us in the future, new song, many songs, choreography and a lot of love for his fans.

If you are part of ENGENE, we invite you to read more about the ENHYPEN members.