What’s wrong with Katy Perry’s eye? The singer loses control of an eyelid in full concert

Katy Perry It is a trend because of what happened this Saturday, October 22, at his concert in Las Vegas. In a moment of Show, the 37-year-old singer stood still looking at the public and at that moment the lid of his right eye closed involuntarily. The interpreter had to help herself with her hand to reopen it, since the muscles of her face did not respond to her.

Katy Perry did not take long to restore her eye and, once achieved, the singer continued her show without further explanation. She did not do it at the concert nor did she do it afterwards, which has caused many fans to worry about her health.

What happened? Why couldn’t she control her eye? Could it be a medical issue?

The restless eye of Katy Perry

Although it cannot be confirmed, it can be remembered that the singer told in American Idolprogram of which he is a jury, which you have problems with your right eyelid and defined it as “restless eye”.

It was during the performance of caleb kennedywho explained that he goes on stage with big hats to cover an eye problem.

“I have a crooked eye too, and I used to be worried about it”Katy Perry told him. “Later, a group of fans created a fandom of my crooked eye. I even have a fandom that calls itself, Katy’s wonk-eye”.

Katy Perry told on the show that his affected eye is the right one (the one he couldn’t control in Vegas) and encouraged the contestant not to worry about it.

Other media also speak of blepharospasmeyelid movements, such as twitching or spasms, that you cannot control.

The mayo clinic points out on its website that there are three types: eyelid spasm (myokymia)which only affects the eyelid; benign essential blepharospasm, which can end with the eyelid completely closed; and the hemifacial Spasm, involving spasms of the muscles on one side of the face, including the eyelid.

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What’s wrong with Katy Perry’s eye? The singer loses control of an eyelid in full concert