What will Belinda say! Ex de Nodal goes to a concert and presumes that he composed a song for her

The ex of Christian Nodal attended the concert and presumed that he composed a song for her. Photo: Getty Images | File

What a visit he had Christian Nodal in one of his concerts! Well, one of the ex-girlfriends of the representative of the mariacheño genre.

Through the stories of her Instagram account, Fernanda He shared that he would attend the concert of famous, who for more than a year has been in a relationship with Belinda, to whom he even gave a expensive engagement ring.

In the short clips, which were picked up by various social media accounts, The young woman showed part of the concert of the performer of “Probably”, who recently clarified whether or not he married Belinda in secret.

“My song”: ex nodal sings song dedicated to him by the famous

But Fernanda He not only shared how he lived the concert of Christian Nodal, because he also decided to answer the doubts that the followers had regarding the event of his famous ex-boyfriend. Through the dynamic of Instagram questions, the young woman revealed that she was excited to sing the theme “Te failed”, which, he said, he composed for her.

“Neta felt so beautiful that a piece of my life is reflected in something almost worldwide. That song means more to me because someone could make art, super dad, super pretty. A piece of my life is in a song that almost everyone knows … A bit of my story, which is also its story, is embodied in something beautiful, that’s why my legs were shaking ”.

Lisa Fernanda, ex of Christian Nodal

In networks they attack the ex of Nodal

Following the publications, several netizens they criticized the young man for having attended his ex-boyfriend’s concert and was told to “get over” the singer, who at every opportunity dedicates romantic messages to Belinda.

“Get over it, girl”, “Poor girl”, “Looking for her five minutes of fame” “This girl needs help, how toxic, you can tell that she is still interested in Nodal and she has a boyfriend”, “Turning the page and closing cycles is the best to progress “,” Once I get over it, it’s more than obvious that he just wants a famite “,” Former Nodal who still hasn’t gotten over it, they keep trying to get his attention “, They are part of the comments that flooded social networks against the young woman.

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