What were Paula Echevarría and Rosa Benito doing together?

Their son Miguel usually accompanies them to all the plansHowever, this time Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres enjoyed an evening as a couple. The Asturian actress and the former Madrid footballer they wanted to support their friend, the choreographer Poty Castillo, in the presentation of the solidarity concert The last applause, which was held at the IFEMA fairgrounds in Madrid. “How wonderful to accompany you tonight (also) Potito !! The show goes off, but as Ramoncín said,you are the soul of the show! Congratulations, friend! “, Were the words of the protagonist of Velvet after enjoying the show. “Thank you very much, friend !! I was delighted that you have come to enjoy @elultimoaplauso.You are always!! “, Poty responded gratefully.

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They have been close friends for many yearsTherefore, the actress could not miss this important day for him. Paula and Miguel occupied their seats among the public, in an outdoor area and without removing their mask, complying with all the safety and hygiene measures imposed by COVID-19. The couple enjoyed the company of several friends, as is the case with Isabel navarro, Poty’s wife; in addition to the marriage formed by the ex-footballer Miguel Melgar and Sonia, which is one of the best friends. All together they posed for a ‘family photo’ after the concert in which Javier Cascante Zabalo also appeared.

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In addition, the protagonist of Crime wave met with Rosa Benito, with whom he was chatting for a few minutes and sharing laughter. “In the concert The last applause. Artistic director and presenter @poty_castillo, charity for the Food Bank of Father Ángel and the Isabel Gemio Foundation”, wrote the collaborator of the program It’s already noon, posing with her friends Mar Regueras and sisters Mar and Yolanda Rubio Blázquez. For this date with music, Paula opted for a short wrap dress with a striking black, green and purple print from Mioh, which she combined with suede ankle boots and lilac Chanel bag.


Carlos Segarra (Los Rebeldes), Ramoncín, Dangerous Friendships, Raúl, Javier Ojeda (Invisible Dance), Social Security and Javier Andreu (La Frontera) passed through the stage, with whom they sang and danced for five hours, enjoying “a real show, with great vocals and a careful staging“, with a live band and a group of dancers coordinated by Poty himself, who also acts as presenter.

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The last applause it is an idea that emerged from the applause during the confinement, as a symbol of union and solidarity. “A tribute to the wish for the end of the pandemic, to that last applause with the hope of a return to normality.” To do this, they have had the help of “a selection of 24 great artists from the last four decades of Spanish pop / rock music who will perform their most emblematic songs.”


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