What we know about Aitana’s third album: singles, collaborations, sound …

Soon it will be a year since the release of the album with which Aitana moved away from urban pop and ballad and ventured into the pop rock of the 2000s. That album, the second of her discography, marked a change in trend and especially the beginning of a new era in the artist’s discography. But music continues to sound in this industry that does not stop and she, turned into one of the main figures of the Spanish scene, prepares to break through to a new stage.

We barely have information about what will already be the singer’s third studio album (the fourth if we take into account Trailer), but in LOS40 We are already a little impatient to know what is to come and we wanted to review everything we know about this long-awaited work.


Aitana has been very present this 2021 in the charts and the main streaming platforms. The start of the course was marked by 11 reasons, but he took advantage of spring and summer to seek new audiences and achieve a greater projection with different collaborations. Of that new repertoire several hits came out, being My Love (remix) your best asset to be on everyone’s lips.

However, as a letter of introduction and declaration of intent, Aitana once again followed the same tactic as in Spoiler with Nothing goes wrong, He dispensed with all those ‘featurings’ and opted for a solo song to present that new era that is coming. Berlin, a theme inspired by his own personal story with Miguel Bernardeau, was the song chosen as the first single from the third album, although the ‘focus single’ will be another one that will arrive sooner than we expect, specifically before the end of the year.


It seems that Aitana ended the pop rock of 11 reasons. With her next album, the singer intends to climb positions in the international market and for that, as we have seen in Berlin, will once again resort to urban pop and electronic pop, as commented in an interview on LOS40 Global Show. She wants to do something more danceable and we are willing, of course, to give it our all with her.


It is too early to know which collaborations will be part of Aitana’s third album tracklist. Will include his song with Pablo Alborán and Álvaro de Luna? The new one that has made with Cali and El Dandee? At the moment, we do not know. However, Aitana herself has confirmed that the second single from A3 it will be a collaboration And, in his words, it is his best song to date.

In this third album neither will that lost collaboration with C. Tangana enter. The song they recorded together in the era Spoiler it will continue to be stored in a drawer and, therefore, will not enter this new repertoire, although on the part of both there is much interest in trying a new song that adapts to the careers and style of both artists.


Aitana follows a lesson that they made fashionable Rihanna and her contemporaries, which consists of changing her image with the release of each album. She follows this rule strictly, what we don’t know is if with the highly anticipated release of the third LP she will get rid of the brunette hair and will release a new look. Can you think of alternatives?

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What we know about Aitana’s third album: singles, collaborations, sound …