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fans of Shakira they insist on affirming how good singleness suits them. The music of the Colombian is still the favorite of millions of fans around the world, and her hip movements are part of her charm.

For decades, rumors had it that the Latin superstar had undergone surgery to remove ribs, to show off a waist that moved surprisingly. However, it was never confirmed and the ex of Gerard Piquécontinues to dance enviably at their concerts.

One of his best presentations, such as the 2020 Super Bowl, the singer mesmerized millions of viewers and the public that witnessed the event. There, she showed that age does not matter and that his steps will captivate his fans for many years to come.

Shakira teaches how to move her hips at 45

The interpreter of “Waka Waka” wanted to give her fans a little of what she knows how to do well. In a video, the singer taught dance, that movement that only she knows how to do with her hips.

At 45, he continues to dance and confirmed that he has a magic to move on stage while performing his best hits.

Wearing a coquettish shiny silk look in cobalt blue, made up of a mini top with gold buttons at the front and pants that left slits on the sides, Shakira she was amused teaching how to achieve her dance.

Set to the iconic song “Whenever, Wherever,” he began by explaining his tutorial by making it seem like it’s very easy to pull off his steps, but fan comments playfully confirmed that it’s not.

Currently, Shakira is part of the show “Dancing With Myself” broadcast by the American network NBC. And it was precisely in this space that the singer gave the demonstration of her wearing her long reddish hair in waves and a figure that is still the envy of many, she detailed People in spanish.

As if in slow motion, the artist paused her movements, to make it easier for her fans to follow her, until her hips, stomach and buttocks were perfectly coordinated to achieve the perfect dance that fascinated everyone.

More than 20 thousand comments obtained the publication of the artist in conjunction with NBC, with fans laughing and accepting that only Shakira can achieve it in such a natural and great way.

“You are incredible”, “she is simply the best”, “Hey… that #ShakiraChallenge of course I will do it”, were some of the comments.

And of course, there was no lack of users who they remembered the infidelity of Gerard Hammered and his decision to end his relationship with the barranquillera.

Hence his fans reacted against the FC Barcelona playerreminding him of everything that he will not have or enjoy, at the end of his relationship with the famous artist.

“What Piqué missed”“Why are you crying, Piqué,” “What did you do, Piqué?”, ​​”Piqué had a thrombosis, let this goddess go,” they reproached the athlete for his decision that culminated a 12-year relationship.

“Super easy, Shaki, it came out just the same”, “forbidden steps” and “rehearsing hahahaha”, they informed him with laughing emojis that revealed that you have to practice a lot to achieve Shakira’s level. (AND)

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“What Piqué was lost”: The video of Shakira teaching how to move her hips at 45 hypnotizes to the rhythm of “Whenever, Wherever” | People | Entertainment