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the only thing i hate is him bad sound and some norms that speak of the lack of culture and the lack of respect of the public; among these, people who are next to you talking at full speed while the band is playing, also recording everything with their cell phones, it seems that they have no culture of being in a show focused on what is happening on stage.

I would not ban anything except flammable products and sharp weapons. But I wouldn’t ban phones, I find it’s a cultural issue. If people are told that it is forbidden to take photos at this or that concert, I think they understand; That’s what happened with King Crimson, for example, but it didn’t happen with The Raconterus, when they came, they also had a rule prohibiting the entry of telephones into the venue. There are artists who want people to be focused but there are people who abuse cell phones and are worried about sharing a record. For any emergency it is good to be connected, but the phone has to be stored, where it has to be.

The big cultural change in concerts is that people can’t smoke, that’s the only thing that bothers me, because smoke is very invasive when you are singing, since you demand much more from your lungs than when you are speaking. It is forbidden in closed places, but in open places they also smoke and it is very unpleasant. Also any type of contaminant; Aerosols bother me, those air fresheners.

I started my career in places where there were 100 people smoking. I remember getting on it and asking if you could please stop smoking while I’m singing…the pifiadera that came to me! because the smoker felt entitled to smoke anywhere.

I wouldn’t ban anything. We have not considered banning telephones. For bands that have many years of experience, what one longs for is to win new audiences and we have managed to have a young audience, which is digital native. You can’t get that young audience out of the cell phone, it would be absurd. For people like us it is easier to understand that one can be seeing something without having to record it, but I think there is a cultural issue that is difficult to fight. I understand that for some bands, the fact that they are recording distracts you, but it doesn’t matter to me. I feel like it’s more awkward at smaller gigs, when you’re on top of people.

Formerly It bothered me when people talked, but for several years what has been the most uncomfortable for me is the presence of cell phones, for something simple and practical; It doesn’t allow me to see the stage or details of the staging because all the people are with their arms up and that’s why it covers the view of the rest. Even a very tall person will still be annoyed that someone is raising their arms because they are at least forty centimeters more than you can raise your humanity. I find it invasive, even though I am aware that people can go to the event and enjoy it however they want, but you have to respect your surroundings.

I would not prohibit anything, it does not correspond. People are buying an experience, they have the right to enjoy that experience, but in my opinion, it is absurd to record a musical event instead of enjoying it. The vast majority of the time those videos are uploaded in professional quality, bands nowadays record their performances, so it’s useless to me.

What bothers me the most about a show is the lack of punctuality; when they tell you it starts at 9 but leaves 45 minutes later and no one comes out to tell you anything. You schedule yourself, they tell you that the show starts at 9, you calculate that you arrive twenty minutes early enough to line up and all that, but then it turns out that the artist doesn’t come out or there’s filler and you don’t understand what’s going on, it’s annoying not knowing what’s going on. It also happens to me when you go to a show in a theater and there are people late who are disrespectful when they arrive and rush in without waiting for a good moment. Finally you wait a bit and settle down.

about phones, I think that prohibitions are always super annoying. But I do believe that restrictions, such as when the venue allows the right of admission, are things that can be followed as long as it doesn’t bother you. If a band is going to ban something, it seems exaggerated to me, too drastic. You can restrict how it is done in theaters when people are asked to turn off their cell phones, and there are even artists who ask people to take out their phones and light up; in that case I prefer a restriction. I have no problem with people taking photos, but will they ever review them? In some moments I have shared images of a concert or bits of a song that I like, but it doesn’t bother me. It bothers me more that someone smells bad next to me.

What I hate most are two things: when you hear more of the audience singing horribly out of tune than the artist’s voice. AND, that the volume is too high to fully understand what is playing. It’s like going to a painting exhibition and having a bright light shine on you that saturates your sense of sight and you lose all perception of detail.

Many things are already prohibited in concerts, so I suppose that it seems valid to me that certain things be prohibited in order to maintain safety on the one hand, and the experience on the other.

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The worst thing that can happen to me at a concert is that it doesn’t sound good. I remember that Lenny Kravitz had audio problems at Lollapalooza 2019 and they even stopped the show for a while. I also remember 2015 at the Caupolicán, when Robert Plant played and then Jack White; the latter it sounded so loud i had to go out for a while. In short, technical problems bring me down a bit, because one waits so long for certain shows that it’s stupid when they get tarnished by that kind of unforeseen event.

I think the issue of cell phones at concerts is not minor. Sometimes, it really is a pain not being able to see well, because everyone has their cell phone upstairs. I think This obsession with virtuality and recording everything robs us of much of the enjoyment of the very experience of being at a concert. In any case, despite this diagnosis, I am not in favor of banning. I wouldn’t, although I find it interesting to see what’s going to happen at the Placebo concert.

I think that in front of a show It bothers me that the sound does not reach the level that one is expecting. On the other hand, that there is not a good organization, or general production problems of the event. Knowing the background of the question in front of the Placebo thing, If something from the public bothers you, you would not go out to play. You have to like the public to work, to climb on a stage. If you’re going to be a performing artist, that’s part of the package.

Something that I say “this must be prohibited”, is very complicated. I’m telling you that Garbage was thrown at Calle 13 in the first show in Mexico, in the first Vive Latino that was held more than 10 years ago and we continue playing. One is super exposed on stage. However, why should I ban something? If I have been exposed to that, well, the prohibition doesn’t matter to me. Perhaps elements that can cause harm to the same public, white weapons, pistols.

I can understand the phones although it’s funny to me because that same record, or that documentation, there are people who have used it in favor. I know of concerts here in Puerto Rico where people were asked to record and then send the material to the artist.. With that they made a video or something. You can take advantage of it in some way and make the public part of it too. If the question is to protect your income, there are possibilities to take advantage of the masses of cameras that the public has.

Nevertheless, if the main reason for banning phones is to force people to enjoy the show without a distraction or to break with dependence on technology, then it is already a matter of identifying what is real and true joy for each one. On the other hand, if one already knows that a phone is stronger than the work that one stops to defend on stage, I think that the work that creators have to do is combat that dependence on technology with music that makes you want not to take out the phone. Perhaps the problem is not the phone, the problem is the musical offer of the moment.

What I hate about concerts La Tercera
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What bothers me it does not come from the public, but from the organization; when they put these senseless bars in the National Stadium that made the arrival at the entrances to the concerts not very fluid and unfriendly.

Regarding phones, I feel that finally in these times for people it is to treasure something of the artist, to have a memory, a photo, a video, then it would be cutting off part of the experience they can share. This is how the experience of music is lived today, it has to do with listening to records, seeing, sharing part of everything on social networks. The selfie stick is different, because it already has to do with some security, but ban cell phones per se, I don’t think so; The Placebo thing I feel that he is half out of context with the times and I don’t know if it suits them.

The only thing that bothers us is when we hear ourselves badly, when there are bad returns, insufficient sound or excessive power that damages our ears; It has more to do with the sound than with the people. That is irremountable for us, it is uncomfortable, but we have to move forward. But with behavior, in general people listen to us carefully, we have never had problems like that.

The cigarette smoke bothers in the smallest places; Before, when it was done in the rocks, it was complicated. But those performances in such small places hardly exist anymore. What is unpleasant is the smoke -although they say it is water vapor- that is emitted from the stage to mark the lights, that makes us cough in the middle of the songs and it’s all a mess; in general we do not accept that .

what of ban cell phones at shows, that seems silly to me, I do not know what it could be. They are things of people who give them important to have notoriety. But cell phones don’t bother me at all. Sometimes there are artists who have rights and do not want the images to be released, but they record in poor conditions. They are things, in my opinion, minor. I don’t think anyone is going to be too bothered by having their picture taken from the stands.

When there are very big festivals, what bothers me the most is when one is cold, thirsty, and hungry during the day, because there are very long lines to buyand one eats a special diet, then it’s complicated.

About cell phones, same It’s difficult because when you go to the show with your phone, you go to record it, share it, and in the end you don’t live the experience.. I don’t know if I would dare to ban cell phones in the shows, but perhaps the public could be recommended not to use them, or if not, to program concerts in places that do not have a signal, like a park or like Blondie, so that people can live in the present.

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What I hate about concerts – La Tercera