What happened to Raúl, the singer of ‘Prohibida’?

Raul He was one of the most fashionable singers in our country at the beginning of the 2000s. Although his fame was short-lived, the truth is that the artist from Vitoria left some songs to remember such as forbidden’, ‘Dance’ or ‘I dream your mouth’.

Raul Fuentes Cuenca was announced in Eurosongthe contest organized every year TVE to select the singer who would represent Spain at the festival of Eurovision. It was the year 2000, and at that time the interpreter was only 25 years old.

Raúl Fuentes, in his beginnings in music

He introduced himself with the theme ‘I dream your mouth’, which was finally in second position. The winner was Sebastian Zubiriwho would be chosen to interpret ‘Hung on a dream’ on Eurovision 2000edition that on that occasion was held in Stockholm.

Despite not being selected for the festival, the song would become one of the most outstanding ‘hits’ of the summer. After the repercussion, in that same year she decided to launch ‘Dance’, a theme that would also be a bestseller. Both singles would be included on her first studio album, ‘I dream your mouth’with which he would get a platinum record, and whose resounding success would lead him to be released in other countries. Raul was awarded a music award as new artist and also nominated for a friend award.

His beginnings in the world of music

In 2001 he released his second album, ‘cheating’, with which he would reach number 1 on the sales list and win a new platinum record. It had topics like ‘forbidden’ or ‘you provoke me’in which the model participated Lorraine Bernal as an actress in the video clip.

One year later, Raul made the leap to the world of cinema thanks to the animated film Spirit: the indomitable steed. The artist would give voice to the soundtrack of the film directed by Steve Spielberg.

Raúl, the singer who fell in love with a whole generation

The singer from Vitoria, in a current pose

In 2003 he would continue his career as a performer with his third album, ‘ace of heartswith the collaboration of the singer Kike Santander. ‘I’m still alive’ and ‘Ace of hearts’ they were the big ‘hits’ of his most successful work, with which he would achieve a gold record after going platinum twice.

In the summer of 2005 he released his fourth album, ‘It’s not yesterday’ and in 2007 the fifth would go on sale, ‘A life’. But the success of both albums was much less than the previous ones and from then on Raúl began to dedicate himself to music in the background. In Christmas 2009 he released the single ‘Christmas in you’ and in 2010 he did a duet with the canarian Gene Machadowith ‘Blows of love’.

Countertide’ it would be his sixth and to date last studio album. Released in June 2011, it represents a total change of record for the singer, who is committed to showing all his vocal power. the simple ‘Our love was broken’, a version that serves as a tribute to Rocío Jurado, returns it to the sales list.

The return after years of absence

The man from Vitoria returned in 2016 with ‘The world is for you’, a new single composed and produced by Marc Martín. That same year she would receive the Latin Gold Award in recognition of his long career in the world of music. ‘I need your love,(2017), together with Miguel Saez, ‘I would like you to love me (2018) and ‘with you dreaming (2021) were his last singles.

This year he is back with ‘Sorry to tell you’, a song with a clearly more modern style. It arrives in the full stage of maturity, with 47 years, and has burst with great force. After several years in which he had been missing from the music scene, fans have celebrated his return in style.

This is what Raúl looks like at 47

This is what Raúl looks like at 47

In an interview for ‘The Chronicle’ of the newspaper El mundo, Raul Fuentes He has spoken about his sentimental situation and has recognized that at his age, he regrets being single: “It’s true, I’m 47 years old and I’m still alone. This is a disaster! I think it’s because I’ve never known how to flirt. Yes, I sing to love I already conquered her, but what do I do? Do I sing to flirt? No! It’s just that, despite everything, I’m very shy. Besides, I’ve become a bit demanding. I don’t know exactly what I want, but I do know what I don’t want”.

The one who one day was a heartbreaker for an entire generation has confessed that he has used apps to flirt without success: “I admit that I have tried those apps, but no way! I have not had any luck.

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What happened to Raúl, the singer of ‘Prohibida’?