What happened to Ana Anguita, the singer of ‘Enrique y Ana’

When talking about the musical history in Spain, many tend to remember those groups that conquered the hearts of millions of people, and the duo of ‘Henry and Anne’ It is one of them. He was created in 1977 and was made up of Ana Anguitaonly eight years old, and Henry of the Wellwith 20.

A duo that conquered the entire country with their legendary songs like ‘The chicken co co ua’, ‘Scrawl’, ‘The Chinese Super Disc’ Y ‘My friend Felix’, among others, with which they captivated an entire generation. In between, they could be the protagonists of their own film, ‘The adventures of Enrique and Ana’ (1981), which made his popularity grow even more. Unfortunately, they did not last long, and it is that the couple decided to go their separate ways in 1983.

Enrique del Pozo continued to be linked to the world of music, combining it with acting, and later, with television, appearing in numerous programs such as ‘Crónicas Marcianas’ and currently, ‘Viva la vida’. He is going through a very happy moment in his life, and it is that he shares his life with the already ex of ‘Survivors’, Ruben Sanchez Montesinos.

Precisely, in a recent interview, Enrique was asked about his ex-partner, Ana, whom he has not seen in years: “We haven’t seen each other for thirty-odd yearsbut it was not for anything bad, “he confessed.

Today, that young woman who used to jump on stage to drive her fans crazy has 52 years recently completed, lives on the outskirts of Madrid with his two children. After leaving the ‘Enrique y Ana’ duo, he decided to continue his career as Informatics Engineering.

In 2003, Ana presented a children’s music album for a Spanish association against child abuse, but later decided to disappear, and little is known since 2013, when she separated from the father of her two children, Henry Benaventea companion of his career.

What is he currently doing?

Ana Anguita left the world of music that 2003, and since then she lives in complete anonymity, focused on the education of her children and working as a computer engineer.

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What happened to Ana Anguita, the singer of ‘Enrique y Ana’