What does the word “corduroy” mean, that Colombians say so much?

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In Colombia, and all of Latin America in general, it is common to hear some popular words that have spread throughout the regions. Surely in a movie, book or through a classmate who was on exchange, you realized that they express themselves using the word “corduroy”.

Although in some regions further north, such as Mexico, pana can refer to a thick and soft fabric which is very similar to velvet, Colombians use it in a different way.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) also indicates that “corduroy” can be a table that is placed on the floor of a ship, a fruit from a tree and a colloquial expression from South America. The latter, to which we refer.

What is the meaning of the word “pana”?

First of all, it is important to note that “corduroy” is not exclusive to Colombia, this word along with its meaning is also used in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. this expression means “friend”, “comrade” or “sidekick” and it is used to refer to a person who is close and who is very trusted.

The medium El País, from Colombia, explains that “pana” does not have social classes. Its origin dates back to the immigration of Colombians to Venezuela. This is more common in cities like Cali.

He also stresses that it can be a synonym for “parce” or “partner”, an expression that also refers to friendship.

Another theory about its origin is that It comes from the English “partner”, which means “companion” or “partner”.this occurs, since, in the case of Puerto Rico, they have more contact with the United States and the English language.

If you want to use this word, you can do it when you are chatting with one or a group of friends, for example: “Hey, friend, are we going with Juliet today?”, or “I’m telling you, friend, I was right.”

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What does the word “corduroy” mean, that Colombians say so much?