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Karol G is a true expert in sending messages through her songs. The artist, who is one of the most listened to singers in the world, has shown to have a gift when it comes to putting hidden winks in her songs.

In addition, thanks to their songs we have introduced new words such as tusa, bichota or the expression TQG. Come on, Karol G knows how to create hits.

This July, the Colombian star has released a new song. Is about S91. A single that has been released by surprise for all her fans and that not only connects with the most romantic part of the singer, but also with the most spiritual.

The artist herself communicated the news through her networks. And she said that it was no coincidence that she released it on July 13: “The day after tomorrow, July 13 (13 my # Favorite spiritually), they will be able to see and hear. So please send this to whoever you think might be interested, especially those who are going to be on tour and if you think you’ve seen it all, remember I always save the best for last.”

The meaning of S91

The name of the song, S91, refers to the verse from Psalm 91. In fact, Karol G herself shared a phrase from verse 7: “Well, a thousand will fall to your right and ten thousand to your left, but nothing will happen to you”

This Psalm speaks of God as a refuge in any situation and shows Christians that they can trust him. No matter how many problems come, God will help all those who trust in him.

This Psalm was written by Moses during the 40 years he wandered in the desert after freeing his people, just as the Old Testament says. In this way, it is not surprising that Karol G herself has decided to shoot part of the S91 video clip in the middle of the desert. The artist appears as a true prophet next to a huge cross made of loudspeakers.

In this way, the song S91 is a love letter to all those people that Karol loves and whom he wants to protect with all his soul. Like Moses, who led his people to the Promised Land, Karol G guides his followers to love.

In this way, with S91, Karol G makes it clear that with faith and hope good things happen to you. The Colombian is experiencing a great professional moment, being one of the most listened to artists in the world and demonstrating that there are no borders for music in Spanish.

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What does S91 mean, the name of Karol G’s new song? | THE40 | LOS40