Wet Leg: The Most Exciting Breakout Rock Band of 2021

Today, there are a lot of bands that despite what many say, are saving rock in our times. And no, we are not talking about the groups that have been rescuing for years the guitarrazos and the classics that make a stadium sing; in fact, we are referring to emerging artists who are taking this genre and transforming it to adapt it to a new generation and their own ideas and concepts, as in the case of Wet Leg.

Perhaps the name of this group does not sound familiar, but we are sure that in the not so distant future they will hear them everywhere. In just a few years and despite having a short history, This project made up of two girls is blowing the minds of thousands of people. In the United Kingdom they are a true phenomenon that with only four songs, they managed to thrill the independent scene and here we tell you why.

Photo via Twitter: @wetlegband


Who is Wet Leg?

Wet Leg is a duo that was born on the Isle of Wight, in the United Kingdom and is made up of Rhian Teasdale Y Hester Chambers, who decided to get together to make music, although their history began many years before. To be exact, they both met when they were practically girls and went to school. At that time, they formed a great friendship that only grew with the passage of time.

After a decade of being friends, the two realized that there was something that united them strongly: their favorite artists. Her influences include a host of diverse artists, from Ty Segall and Björk to The Ronettes and Jane Birkin. Thanks to all this, this pair of talented girls started composing their own songs for the sheer joy of being together and creating. However, they did not expect what would come later.

Wet Leg: The Most Exciting Breakout Rock Band of 2021

Photo via Twitter: @wetlegband

The start of a promising band

In 2019 and to the surprise of many, Hester and Rhian took the next step by shaping Wet Leg. Under this name they began to give their first presentations in somewhat small forums in the United Kingdom, although they also had the chance to play at various festivals in their homeland such as the Isle of Wight Festival. But as usually his

After listening to their songs, this duo drew attention within the British independent scene, so much so that some labels became interested in their music. Finally, the record company that managed to sign them was neither more nor less than Domino Records, sharing ranks like Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Cat Power, Hot Chip, Melody’s Echo Chamber, My Bloody Valentine, and more. So as you can see, they ended up in the best least.

Together with this record label and that same year, Wet Leg surprised locals and strangers with the release of their debut single called “Chaise Longue” in 2021. With this simple but forceful song, they managed to attract attention for the sound so dense and interesting that they mixed a scathing lyrics that in a matter of minutes they managed to completely catch you. However, this was not the only song they released on that occasion.

At the same time, the group also presented “Wet Dream”, which continues with that dense but seductive proposal. To give you an idea of ​​the emotion generated within specialized criticism, media such as Stereogum They mentioned that with this couple of issues they showed that “It’s rare for a new band to release two songs and they’re both great. “. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, as From that moment on, wetlegmania began.

The beginning of wetlegamania

Thanks to these songs and after things got back to normal with the concerts, Wet Leg toured the UK, the US, France and Portugal in 2021, with participation in important programs such as Later… with Jools Holland and the Seth Meyer late show. For these shows, Rhian and Hester had a band that accompanied them live, a true complement that both needed for their presentations.

However, in addition to playing everywhere and winning over the public who had their heads blown off, the group made a very important announcement. After two exciting singles, they confirmed with great fanfare that in 2022 they will release their self-titled debut album material. As if this weren’t enough to create buzz, They presented another couple of songs, “Too Late Now” and “Oh No”, which shows us the sound of this album.

Although perhaps what makes us most happy – at least in Mexico – is that in 2022 we will have the enormous opportunity to see Wet Leg is our country. It turns out that after canceling their concerts that were scheduled for 2020, IDLES confirmed that they will finally be presented in the West Pavilion of the Sports Palace and will have Hester and Rhian’s project as the opening act, so it will surely be a powerful combination that cannot be missed.

What makes Wet Leg special?

As you can see, the story of Wet Leg its too short. In just two years and in the midst of a pandemic, they managed to sign with a major record label, release some songs and compose what will be their debut album. However, although it seems that all things were magically given to them, behind this project there is at least a decade of effort, dedication and above all, a lot of love for the music they make.

Speaking a bit about the sound of this group, the specialized media have pigeonholed them within the post-punk, rock alternativo e indie pop. And the truth is that we agree, there are certain elements of these genres in their songs, although we must also highlight their attitude because even though we have only heard them through their singles, they transmit in the recording the good vibes and power that they surely lead to their live shows.

Last but not least, we must point out the lyrics of his songs, which remind us of the simplicity of adolescence and early adulthood, with short but forceful phrases that will stay in your head. Undoubtedly, Wet Leg is one of the revelation bands of 2021 and not only that, but also one of the most exciting groups of the year, and we are excited to see them next year live and in full color.

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Wet Leg: The Most Exciting Breakout Rock Band of 2021