Weekly music horoscope: songs you should listen to every day between May 23 and 29

High temperatures do not help to think well, clarify ideas and make good decisions. Luckily, this week, from May 23 to 29, the heat will give us a break. So will the stars that, after last week’s eclipse, leave us with a certain stability in almost all the signs.

In any case, to make the week more fun and bearable, at LOS40 we once again leave you with some perfect musical recommendations, according to your zodiac sign. Don’t be worried, disturbed or tormented by anything. And if something does, then put a rhythm to it, sing or dance.

Tell me what sign you are and I’ll tell you what song you should listen to this week. All prepared? Well, let’s go there!


Aries, this week you are that petas. With Venus and Jupiter in your sign, you will have extra strength to face any kind of problem. In this way, you will successfully face the challenges that come this week. In fact, it is very likely that you will have a stroke of luck (like all these celebrities who are also aries like you)

This week we recommend what do you hear Clouds by Rauw Alexander. A perfect song to define the place where you are going to find yourself these days. And it is that you do not need to walk, because it is your moment and you will levitate above the others.

Dearest Taurus: a new stage begins for you. Yes, a good and fun one. Worries will be left behind and you are in your moment. There are going to be changes in the next few days in your life. Take a deep breath, let go of what’s weighing you down and enjoy what’s coming.

The song that hits you this week is, without a doubt, Delusions of greatness by Rosalia. Because, honey, that’s what you give off these days. And you deserve it.

It’s time to make decisions that will benefit you in the long run. This will allow you to get a big surprise and you can fully enjoy the opportunities that life offers you. Of course, you will have to put aside those toxic relationships that you have been dragging for a long time. Don’t let them step on you and follow your heart. Your instinct will lead you on the right track.

This week we recommend that you listen on loop I behave pretty by Bad Bunny and Chencho Corleone. A perfect song to enjoy to the fullest (like the opportunities that are yet to come).

This week is complicated. And you will have to face a decision. It will come in the form of a proposal. If that’s what makes you really happy: take the curve and enjoy the ride. Illusion is what has to guide you when making this decision. Do not let the people around you get involved in doing what is right for you.

I recommend that you listen from scratch by blackpanda. A song that talks about new changes and starting over after making a decision.

I read, I read, I read. You have to relax. Entering the rag and in conversations that lead nowhere are useless. Try to be more understanding with those people around you and it will improve the relationship. It is a good week to get carried away by fun plans and meet up with friends. Why don’t you propose a plan?

So that you have a party body and good vibes, we recommend that you listen Trakata of Ptazeta, Farina and Juacko.

if you are virgo, it is a good time for you to take the initiative and talk to that person who has been hanging around in your head for a long time. Be it a partner, a friend or a co-worker. You have a pending conversation and this week is perfect to put personal conflicts aside and get back in touch. Or who knows, maybe start a friendship or a relationship.

As Lola Indigo says in toy story: “I want to eat you, not eat the coconut. I think it’s going to explode, it’s an earthquake.” Pay attention to him, put on this song, and talk to that person!

It is time for you to listen to your heart and stop being so aware of other people. You have been making others happy for so long that you have forgotten the most important thing: how you really feel. Learn not to be aware of others and take care of yourself emotionally a little more. Surely those around you will also thank you.

We recommend listening this week emotional intelligence by Belen Aguilera. A perfect song to listen to itself.

dear scorpio, this week you will have an unexpected reunion. Someone from the past could appear again in your life and fan old flames. Be careful, because passion and drive sometimes blur the vision.

This week we recommend you listen To wrap from Anitta. A song that talks about uncontrolled passion.

Sagittarius, this week you will have a waste of positive energy. As if you were a natural source of solar energy, the people around you will do well. You are like a four-leaf clover or Paquita Salas, whoever approaches you will be successful.

In this way, we recommend listening in loop SolarPower of Lorde. A topic that seems to talk about your energy.

Ambition can lose you, but it is also what drives you to act in your day to day. At this time this characteristic of yours will come in handy and it is that thanks to the energy of the Last Quarter, the challenges that lie ahead will be successful. In this way, relax and feel a little more Mr. Wonderfull and less Risto Méjide as a jury these days.

So that you charge yourself with good energy, we recommend you listen we will raise the sun by Alvaro de Luna.

Aquarium, It’s time to make plans. And you have everything in your favor to strengthen relationships. Whether as a couple, family or friends. Thanks to your attitude, full of security, this week is perfect for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Because the body asks you for joy and to be well with your loved ones.

Thus, we recommend that you listen hit by Camilo. And it is that, Like the Colombian artist, you want to be close to your loved ones.

You’ve been carrying a weight that doesn’t correspond for a long time. It is time to shelve and settle what is giving you so many headaches. Whether it’s a situation or a person, nip it in the bud. Do not worry, because the illusion always returns and perhaps with time a reconciliation will come. Either with the situation or with the people.

We recommend you listen on buble tell others by Dani Fernandez. A song that talks about feeling lost, but whose protagonist ends up finding himself.

And so far our musical predictions. Don’t be left without knowing what to listen to.

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Weekly music horoscope: songs you should listen to every day between May 23 and 29