Weddings in 2023 will be inspired by the big music festivals: 10 unmissable trends

One of the most anticipated moments for those who are going to get married next year is here. The professionals of, a reference website in the bridal sector and which is part of the international group The Knot Worldwidediscover the trends that will mark the weddings of 2023. The weddings that promise to become true festivals where the party, affection and love will continue to be the main protagonists.

wedding fest

As if it were an authentic festival, weddings designed with these great music events in mind arrive with a bang. Music, neon lights, fireworks, smoke cannons, sunglasses, bracelets, fluorine make-up… become the protagonists of the 2023 weddings, which will be, above all, a great party. And it is that the festival spirit will lead couples to surprise their guests through elements such as the glitter bars, which recreate fantasy makeup and fluorine paints, or the tatto corners, so that whoever wishes can take home a souvenir of the big day. tattooed on the skin

Couple with disco balls at their wedding. Photo: David Ariza Pérez via

eclectic weddings

Why choose a wedding style when you can mix more than one? The weddings of 2022 already pointed out ways in terms of breaking norms. However, next year’s weddings will be entirely in the realm of style, aesthetics, and format. The ‘anything goes’ of the eclectic style will witness weddings where the most traditional elements will be mixed with more modern ones. Therefore, it will not be strange to attend a ceremony where the rustic floods everything, but then the party has a much more avant-garde essence, with neon signs and brightly colored posters. And it is that couples, in addition to surprising, seek to create a unique wedding.

The most VIP guests

The couple wants to share their wedding with their most important friends and family. In this sense, weddings become more intimate, but not because of the number of people who attend, but because the couple celebrates that day with their favorite people: lifelong friends, pets, children, co-workers who have become essential… Now the guest list no longer has room for people who are not part of the couple’s daily life. They seek to share intimacy and complicity with each of them.

Banquets with less protocol, more detail and a botanical invasion

The banquets gain flexibility and dynamism, eliminating the assignment of seats or, at least, making the layout more free and variable. In addition, banquets no longer consist only of sitting down to eat, but various activities are interspersed, providing mobility and animation also during the meal.

Photo: Flowers and Events Los Cabos via

Regarding the decoration of the tables, the ‘instagrammable’ effect is sought, creating highly thought-out and personalized compositions giving greater prominence to the crockery, glasses and table linen, which become much more striking colours. In addition, the green revolution has arrived, a botanical invasion that fills weddings with plants, trees and all kinds of flowers to transform any space into a natural environment.

lighting full of life

In total harmony with the wedding fest, the starry skies seen at this year’s weddings give way to lighting full of bright and colorful lights. And it is that the party style breaks with the romantic and magical halo experienced to date. Bulky lamps, neon lights or disco balls will bring a revival and glamorous touch not only in lighting, but also in decoration.

From wedding cake to cakesicles

Although the mini replicas of the wedding cake will continue to be present, the sweetest trend for this 2023 will be the cakesicles, or what is the same, small fake ice cream popsicles, magnum type, made of cake or sponge cake. One more element that seeks to create that ‘wow effect’ among all the guests. And it is that, when the guests think that they are going to eat the typical ice cream of always, they will find the wedding cake.

The cakesicles will be the novelty in wedding cakes. Photo: Lavalle’s Pastry via

Oversize and monochromatic bouquets (also for them)

At weddings in 2023 there is no room for discretion, not even in bouquets. The floral compositions become more showy and grandiloquent, with different widths, lengths and types of flowers. Monochrome bouquets, usually with white flowers, will be very popular. And at the weddings of 2023 the bouquets will no longer be just their thing. Millennials and zoomers continue to break many taboos and have blurred the lines and differences between genders, also in weddings.

bridal fashion

Floral prints in bridal looks will share the limelight along with the classic white. Some flowers that can also be present in lace, embroidery and in 3D shapes and will be seen in both bridal looks and party dresses. Shoulder pads, feathers and fringes will also be a new essential for brides in 2023, providing a sexy and differentiating touch. Just as essential is a second dress that, in addition to surprising the guests, seeks to provide comfort for the big party. Without forgetting the capes, which become the star accessory for next year.

Photo: Bouquets will once again be great compositions. Photo: Flora Atelier & Design via

And for them? Total white or black and white will be the chromatic options that will be seen the most in the looks of the great protagonists, who will tend to have a wider cut. And for the most daring, the cummerbund will be an essential accessory.

Guest fashion is committed to giving prominence to shoulder pads, fringes, drapes, transparencies, corseted bodies and asymmetric cuts in looks in which the total block will reign, with a prominent presence of fuchsia and pink. For them, the looser designs, the XXL bow ties and the blouses and shirts with glitter and transparencies will be the must have of the season.

Wedding dress with feather detail on the shoulders. Photo: Valerio Luna via

From the printed album to the social first

Social networks have become the center of our day to day and at weddings it was not going to be less. And it is that, according to the Wedding White Book, published by in collaboration with ESADE professor Carles Torrecilla and Google, 8 out of 10 couples share their big day through social media. In this sense, videos with shorter formats such as the trailer, Reels or videos for TikTok are thought. Custom filters are also created for the wedding, so that guests can upload the images along with the couple’s names, the date of the big day and elements of the wedding theme.

The ballerina bun is a trend in wedding hairstyles 2023. Photo: Franc Sarabia via

Regarding the style, much more natural and improvised images and clips will be seen, but just as worked and thought out in which post-production acquires a lot of weight.

Honeymoon: In Search of Lost Destiny

In 2023, the honeymoon trend is to get away from the crowds. Couples will look for lesser known and crowded places, other than the most viewed on Instagram. Chile, Peru or a Safari become star destinations to find that intimacy and romance that couples long for during such a special trip, but Bali is especially one of the places that Mexican couples seek the most.


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Weddings in 2023 will be inspired by the big music festivals: 10 unmissable trends