Wearing tights and a flirty bodysuit, Noelia sings one of her hits

“Not one tear more” is the single that Noelia was performing in one of his most recent videos, while the beautiful singer I was using a coquettish body and also transparent stockings.

The video of Noelia was published on his official Instagram account, where we find a lot of content of this type, however, it is always surprising to see that he publishes new images showing off his charms.

The single he is performing in his video is part of his album released in 2000 titled “Hitting Strong”, which you can currently listen to on Dezeer, Youtube Music and Spotify.

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At video official we can appreciate a Noelia determined to forget the love of her life and find someone better, packing her bags and leaving, this single has a duration of 3:41 minutes in its official video, we will share it with you right away.

For the beautiful businesswoman, seeing her perform one of her songs from the first albums is simply exciting, because she continues to maintain her energy and especially her beauty, although in reality it seems that today she looks better than ever.

Currently Noelia She feels no shame in showing off her charms as well as her exquisite figure, while promoting her Noelicious garments over and over again, it is the best advertisement her fans could get.

This time this beauty is wearing transparent black stockings that allow us to admire her beautiful skin as well as her posterior charms, the bodysuit that she is wearing also has transparencies that allow us to see her superior charms.

The difference is that her flirty and striking body has a pattern that some might confuse a bit, only by paying a little more attention will you be able to enjoy appreciating her black interiors.


The singer, model and businesswoman is dancing a little from her balcony with one of the most beautiful views of the beach, as she has done with some of her old videos, her beauty and that of the landscape are indescribable.

Although this time she did not share any description, it was not necessary because the sighs and the emotion of seeing her dancing with slow movements for her fans was supreme, as proof of this we find more than 22 thousand reproductions and comments that seem like constant sighs.

For this Puerto Rican beauty it has been really easy to pamper her fans because she is flirtatious by nature, so it is not difficult at all to do so.

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Wearing tights and a flirty bodysuit, Noelia sings one of her hits