June 12, 2021

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We interviewed Taiwanese metal band Flesh Juicer

We interviewed Taiwanese metal band Flesh Juicer

The metal band Flesh Juicer will be one of the three names representing the Taiwanese music industry in the twelfth edition of the Spring Pro to be held in Barcelona from June 2-4 merging the online format with the face-to-face (at the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture). We take the opportunity to interview them.

They will be accompanied on the festival poster Huan huan Y Go Go Machine Orchestra, but these Flesh Juicers have caught our attention more, who immerse themselves in the waters of metalcore and deathcore without abandoning their roots. The pig mask that their leader wears Gigo, referring to the ancestral religious carnivals of Taiwan, is a good metaphor for its essence. The most chaotic and stimulating metal blends seamlessly with the oriental tradition, be it the pentatonic scale, the Mandarin or special percussions like the gong.

Since its founding in 2006, Flesh Juicer has released albums such as “GIGO” (fifteen), “Fairy Tales Of Ocean Deep” (18) or the just published “Golden Taizi Bro”, in which they broaden their stylistic range, maintaining their cultural and local references, but also their more abstract face.

How would you define yourself as a group? What sets you apart from other similarly styled deathcore or metalcore bands?
“Promote the killing” and “sincere gratitude” are two concepts that define us well. Basically what separates us from the other bands is that we have a talking pig. Dance, sing and fuck around, you’ll never know what he’s going to do next. Once the song explodes, we give it our all both visually and soundly. We put on a good show and this is how people will remember us.

What has motivated you to make music from the beginning?
To stand on stage and see the whole crowd together singing our songs. That is what motivates us the most. We want to write songs so that people can sing them. About lyrics, we practically write about any topic, nothing specific. Whatever message we have, we just put it into a song for people to remember. We write songs about our hometown, about life, religion, space, science fiction, the environment, horror stories, inspiring things … In the albums “GIGO” Y “Fairy Tales Of Ocean Deep” some conspiracy theories and other ways of seeing and understanding the world are also present.

“It’s extremely difficult for Taiwanese metal bands to sell a show, but Flesh Juicer has done it. Our differences and peculiarities make us seem a little more fortunate compared to the others “

How is the metal scene in Taiwan? Are your influences from there or do you look more towards international bands?
The metal scene in Taiwan is still very small, and it doesn’t have much of an impact internationally. It’s extremely difficult for Taiwanese metal bands to sell a show, but Flesh Juicer has done it. Our differences and quirks make us seem a bit more fortunate compared to others. Our influences are very varied and each of us has different tastes. Even so, the band that most influenced us all is ChtonicNot only because of the music, but because they also taught us how to add authenticity and tradition to our songs, which we believe gives them a unique touch. From them we learned how to put on shows, tour and much more. They also encouraged us and encouraged us, because they showed that a Taiwanese band can gain worldwide recognition.

For many, it is still strange to listen to non-Western music. Do you think there is a cultural barrier or are they just prejudices?
Maybe it’s the cultural barrier and prejudices, or maybe it’s just that our music can’t move a lot of people because of the language or the style. We can never make everyone happy, but we will make sure our fans are. We can’t do anything for people we don’t like, but we are willing to make changes for those interested in our music.

Your sound is characterized by traditional references and the use of instruments such as the suona, the gong and other percussions. Why have you opted for these folkloric references?
The fun part of making music is that you can make a foreign listener imagine the streets and life of different countries. Flesh Juicer started from deathcore to metalcore until now nu-metal. No matter what our style is, we always add some traditional pentatonic scale and traditional instruments like suona, gong and other percussions. We take the sound of western metal and then add our own sound. That is our spirit. That makes our music taste like home. We believe it represents Taiwanese tradition, our streets and our life.

“No matter what our style is, we always add some traditional pentatonic scale and traditional instruments like suona, gong and other percussions. We take the sound of western metal and then add our own sound “

I guess the meaning of the pig mask that GIGO usually wears is related to it. What does it symbolize?
GIGO has different roles on each album. On the self-titled album “GIGO”, he is the God and protector of the universe. You can find more information in the song “Event Of The Falling Sky”. In the age of “Fairy Tales Of Ocean Deep”, he was Gigo Deeper, the God of the Ocean. In relation to the state of nature and the environment, concepts very present in the album, he was sent to destroy all humanity. On our new album, “Golden Taizi Bro”, it’s Gigo Psycho. He represents us either in heaven or hell, and allows us to make angels and demons party very hard and non-stop. That is why he is a psychopath.

How has the creative process for the new album been? Will you continue making music in this line?
Our lead guitarist and songwriter Zero and Gigo often come up with the concept of the album. Inspiration comes from the music we listen to, the movies we watch, or the books we read. This album was produced by our guitarist Matt and the entire recording process took place in his Bro Time Studio. For now, we’ll dive into nu-metal and do some experiments with our new singles. And we’ll see how people react.

As you mentioned, on this new album you experiment with other genres such as nu-metal. Will you settle here or will you keep looking for new sounds?
We simply compose what we want. Zero and Gigo always wanted to write some nu-metal stuff because they sound wicked once our style is combined. gangsta original. But it is clear that we do not want to settle on anything, we write what we like and then add the Flesh Juicer flavor. For example, our drummer, Evan, contributed a traditional Taiwanese drumming performance throughout the record. Gender does not define us, we define gender.

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