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Each edition of a festival, whatever its nature, has the mission to improve itself and be better than the previous one. That’s the mission he’s committed to Ricardo Llaguno, director of Wankabeatsfor the musical meeting that will celebrate its third edition on November 12 at Parque Samanesspecifically in the area of Acoustic Shell.

Wankabeats confirms its complete lineup of artists accompanying Molotov and Rawayana in the third edition of its festival this November 12

Almost a month after the event, Llaguno already has his sight in 2023, and even in 2024with the desire to raise the quality of the festival as much as possible, and of course that its lineup of artists continues to surprise and conquer capricious Guayaquil music lovers.

For now, the countdown to the 2022 version of the Wankabeats is underwaysince it was confirmed full tournament billboardheaded by Molotov (Mexico) and Rawayana (Venezuela). follow him Vincent Garcia (Dominican Republic), Simon Grossman (Venezuela/USA) and DJ Phillip Gordon (Colombia) within the international repertoire.

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BOG400. BOGOTÁ (COLOMBIA), 09/24/2029.- The Mexican band Molotov performs today at the Cordillera Festival, in the Simón Bolívar Park in Bogotá (Colombia). EFE/Carlos Ortega
Photo: Carlos Ortega

The Mexican group Molotov is the first confirmed international artist of the Wankabeats 2022 festival

Between the national artists local music lovers will be able to listen live to dicap (Guayaquil), General Villamil (Guayaquil), Madrigal (Colombia/Ecuador) and Waves (Guayaquil).

“We want the attendee experience to be even better than it was in 2019 (the last edition). A good concert should give an excellent experience, from the moment you arrive until you go home. And that’s where the issues come in. security, cleanliness, variety of food and drinks and in your purchase, because no one should miss their favorite artist’s performance by standing in line for 45 minutes to buy a beer or a hamburger. That is why we place a lot of emphasis on the added value that good customer service gives at our festival”, illustrates the director, referring, among other things, to the wristband service cashless (no cash) to purchase within the festival in the shortest amount of time, as they were spent last time in the event.

Singer-songwriter Simon Grossmann is the second international artist invited to Wankabeats 2022

Safety at concerts and music festivals

Llaguno emphasizes in this interview the importance of security in massive eventswhich has recently been questioned after the last massive concerts in Guayaquil.

What lessons have these experiences taught the Wankabeats?

“Our investment in private security is strong. In 2019 we sold a little over 4,000 entries. We had a excellent operation with the National Police, because we sat down a month before with the Intendancy to talk about the special actions for that day; what’s more we have 80 to 85 private security guards… This year we are going to increase it, that is what we can guarantee people: very large police protection and private security”, assures the organizer.

Daddy Yankee on his way through Guayaquil: Public safety is always paramount

Also, calls for the public to do their part. “In our 2018 and 2019 experiences, people behaved exceptionally, except for a couple of people out therewhich is normal in this type of massive event, but the truth is that there is a big difference between concerts and a festival” emphasizes Llaguno.

Indeed, from its inception, the Wankabeats was designed for viewers to arrive graduallyto the rhythm of the show they want to attend, and can rest in open green areas while they wait for their next favorite artist or band, attend brand sponsor activations or enjoy the festival menu in stands of participating food.

“A music festival is like Disney World for adults”, explains the director, and that perception is what he wants the attendees to feel at this great musical festival. That’s why your security efforts will be crucial on that day.

‘The Last Mission’ by Wisin y Yandel, great artistic show, massive audience, poor security

Great expectation for Molotov and Rawayana

at the head of line up of Wankabeats volume 2022 This is the Mexican alternative rock group Molotovwhich in fact was the first group of artists confirmed to the event

“I was surprised by Molotov’s humility, taking into account his hierarchy and his size, is one of the most important bands in the history of Latin rock that are active”, shares Ricardo Llaguno. “The contact with them was very open, with very good vibes, they have an excellent work team. They are a band that he loves to play livethat’s why they want us to give them good sound, good lighting and, well, good hosting too”.

Dominican singer-songwriter Vicente García joins the Wankabeats festival in November

The return of the Venezuelan Rawayana to the Wankabats, which they sang in its 2019 edition, is also setting great expectations for the festival three years later. “We know that his return will be fantastic”, recognizes the mentalizer of the festival. “It has a niche in Guayaquil, not only is it numerous, but it is super faithful. We got a huge reaction on social media when we announced that Rawayana is coming, people love them. Apart from that they released a new album, they are on a new tour, so working with them again has also been very fluid”.

2022 the year of concerts (and 2023 and 2024 too)

Definitely 2022 has been the year of concerts and musical shows in Ecuador (And in the rest of the world). And although this reactivation brought the country a avalanche of idols to the local stagesthe truth is that in some personal cases the budget has not given for so much. And that is a concern that Llaguno had to face at the time.

“Of course we were concerned, but at the same time it is clear that the general hunger for these types of proposals. People want to go out, they want to go to concerts. Of course I was worried, because obviously the ‘pocket’ has limits. But at the same time we chose a good month, it is the least crowded and the weather is good. And ours target It is different from the massive concerts. There is room for everyone”.

And to that extent, Llaguno estimates a convocation of more than 5,000 people to the eventsurpassing the reception of 2019, 4,000 attendees, which in turn exceeded the first edition in 2018, which was attended by around 2,700 individuals.

Is great reception, which is growing noticeably every yearhas set the mind of the director of the event in the next editions of the festival, that is, in 2023 and 2024. Although Llaguno prefers not to announce the names that he is negotiating for the next show bills, he can anticipate that he is evaluating extending this celebration to two days in the future, as a festival of greater magnitude and caliber.

Tickets to Wankabeats

Tickets for the Wankabeats festival are available at all points of sale in TicketShow. In Guayaquil: Riocentro Between Rivers and Ceibos; in Quito: Supercines on December 6; and in Cuenca: Mall del Río Bowling Hall. Also in the ticket maker’s website.

The first presale, called Believers, was sold out a few days after its opening, when the guest artists had not yet been announced, which represents great loyalty for the event from its festival community. It is currently for sale the fourth round of ticketscall Sadisticworth $70 each ticket.

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Wankabeats expects more than 5,000 attendees in its third edition, with Molotov and Rawayana leading its poster | Music | Entertainment