Vocalist apologizes after urinating on fan in full concert

Yesterday we talk to them about an unusual event, in which the lead singer of a cover band urinated on the face of a fan in full concert. And after the controversy that the act sparked, Sophia Urista, singer of Brass Against, has taken to social networks to offer a public apology in this regard.

The bizarre events took place last week when Brass Against was offering his performance in the Welcome To Rockville Festival, on Daytona Beach, Florida. When the time has come, Growl He confessed that he felt like urinating and that he would do it right there, in the face of a fan that he selected from the public.

Remarkably, the volunteer accepted. The woman then took him up on stage and ordered him to lie down on the ground. He proceeded to pull down his pants and urinate on his chest and face.

After the videos of what happened went viral, Brass Against He offered an apology on social networks assuring that his vocalist “He had gotten carried away by the moment” and that something like that would never happen again. Later it became known that the police of Daytona Beach was investigating the incident as it may have violated state indecent exposure laws.

Unable to ignore the media tidal wave that I cause, Sophia Urista shared his own apology saying:

Hi everyone. I want to talk about my performance at the Rockville metal festival in Daytona. I have always pushed the limits in music and on stage. That night, I pushed the limits too far.

I love my family, the band and the fans more than anything and I know that some were hurt or offended by what I did. I apologize and want you to know that it was not my intention to hurt you.

I am not a shock artist. I always want to put music first. I am grateful for all of your continued love and support.

Via social networks.

And despite the fact that the legal charges were later dismissed (in the absence of a formal complaint); Brass Against was banned from all establishments in the NASCAR, owners of the enclosure where the Welcome To Rockville Festival occurred.

However, as the popular saying goes “No bad publicity”; given that Brass Against will be one of the opening acts for the next tour of Tool by Europe. The group’s versions of cuts like “The Pot” and “Lateralus” have caught the attention of the metal band, who have invited them to open their concerts.

“This is so much fun writing this …”, public Brass Against In Internet. “We are the special guests of Tool’s European tour in spring!”

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Vocalist apologizes after urinating on fan in full concert