June 11, 2021

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Viva Elastic: “We never consider ourselves an indie band”

Viva Elastic We never consider ourselves an indie band

Viva Elastic He is in the process of mastering his new album, which was scheduled to be released at the beginning of last year but due to the pandemic he had to postpone its release date. Meanwhile, its members are diagramming what will be their show of the Saturday June 12 in Camping and then travel to play in the City of Córdoba.

The band advanced their fourth studio album with the release of three singles: “Rebellion and swing” , “Reo and lonely” Y “Burning in the sand, released by the PopArt record label. The latter also has a video produced by Peregrina Films and directed by Sebastián Beretta. Alexander Schuster, songwriter and singer of the band, told us about the future plans of the band and told us about their imminent new album.

How is the new album different from the previous ones by Viva Elástico?
It differs in that it is the one that took the longest to work, in terms of pre-production and post-production. In addition, the pandemic crossed us on the way, we were able to make the other records more in a timely manner, or more or less respecting the stipulated times. This was complicated by the issue of the pandemic, then it acquired another dynamic and we began to doubt things we had done, because in the first pandemic it was all very new and suddenly we did not know how to end things. After a while, we understood that we could finish the album remotely and so on. Later, musically, it is a little more marked in different aspects. In rhythms it sounds much better, it is better recorded and for me it is much better than the others. Above all, this album is produced by the band, so it is like it is our personality one hundred percent.

In October they released the third advance single, “Burning in the sand.” Why did they choose that song and not another?
Because we didn’t want to release the songs that were the most powerful for us. We did not throw at all the songs that we think were the best, but we did the other way around. The idea is to cut three more songs and suddenly the album will have six videos.

If you had to choose an album that accompanied you throughout this quarantine year, what would it be?
When the pandemic started, The Strokes brought out The New Abnormal. It’s an album that helped me just when the pandemic started, because I’m a big fan of the band and the album was like a nice refresh.

How do you think the neighborhood pop scene has evolved from your beginnings with Viva Elástico until now?
I don’t know if there was actually a neighborhood pop itself, what there was was the possibility of starting to open up a little more. Later it became easier and easier to make music in the genre that we were, just as I never considered that we were an indie band. Now there is nothing directly that marks where things are from, but rather dominates music and aesthetics more. As it no longer marks the city or the neighborhood so much, because music is no longer latent in presenting a geographical concept.

Is there an artist or band that stands out from the new music scene in Argentina?
There are several bands that are good. For example to Tomi Trauma, that I am producing it, The kisses, He killed, Diosque, 107 Faunos, L-Ghent I also like. There is a lot.

What is your opinion about cultural neoliberalism and the new narrative of rock culture?
That neoliberalism was a very strong break from what the rock of the sixties and seventies onwards meant. Clearly it generated a cancellation of what the concept of rock as essence meant. Not only was it a direct cause, but also those who make rock were in charge of destroying it. I believe that rock itself is not dead, but how it was born did not last long, let’s say. It lasted so shortly that it later became a slogan of its own. I, for example, speak of rock from a place of sound and not political. Today music is not represented by genres that mark politics, but is represented simply by aesthetics.

Viva Elastic presents this Saturday, June 12 at 5:00 p.m. in Camping (Av. del Libertador 999, CABA), tickets available through Ticket Hoy. Listens “Burning in the sand“on streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music).