Viña vs Cosquín: The first edition of the duel of rock festivals arrives

The festivals of rock vineyard Y Cosquin Rock They have become two of the most important musical events in the Spanish-speaking world. Both bring together artists of different nationalities, musical genres and a massive audience that each year enjoys the bulging schedules that present current proposals in vogue and established classics. That is why have come together for the first time to present the duel of rock festivals.

This first date will be for the Spanish public and will present Argentine and Spanish bands of ska, rock, rap and more. The grid announces the presence of Ska-PLas Pelotas, Soziedad Alkoholika, Catupecu Machu, Mafalda Y Tribade and it will be done on May 6 at La Farga de Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

“This is an unprecedented musical challenge between the two most popular Spanish-speaking rock festivals in the world, with typical bands and artists from the stages of each of the festivals. In the same venue they will be able to experience the essence of both festivals iconic”, wrote from the official press of this new musical event that comes at a time when festivals have become the most popular way to consume live music.

Jose Palazzoorganizer of Cosquín Rock, spoke on social networks about how this idea came to be: “The founder of Viña Rock in Spain proposed us to do Viña versus Cosquín. In a humorous joke that seemed hilarious to us, we doubted it a bit, but later the idea started to grow and we decided to go on tour”.

The idea of ​​this production is that they continue to spread to other cosmopolitan cities such as Santiago de Chile, London, Buenos Aires, Miami, Berlin and New York, although it has not yet been revealed on which dates the tour of the duel of rock festivals will continue. Tickets for the first edition have a promotional launch price of 30 euros and can be obtained at this link.

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Viña vs Cosquín: The first edition of the duel of rock festivals arrives