Vigo wins a new space for open-air concerts

Live music adds a new location in Vigo. The Humor Amarillo leisure park, located in the communal mountains of Valadares, will inaugurate a new activity this summer: the programming of open-air concerts. They have 8,000 square meters with views of the Ría and in the background, the Cíes, one of the emblems of the city.

Currently, it already works as an area of ​​recreational activities for groups with prior reservation. The project, in the absence of some adaptations, has just received the approval of the Council and has already started to announce the first confirmations next week. “This year and with the restrictions of the covid we are going to bet on local artists, who will be combined with tribute bands such as Leño’s or Rosendo’s and with theme parties,” says Ricardo Sánchez, promoter of this new attraction in rural Vigo.

The current protocol allows a maximum capacity of 2,000 people for a similar area, but in the first concert only 500 seats will be put on sale to test the possibilities. “In the area we have ample parking, but we want to check that the access capacity and avoid traffic jams.”

In the following appointments, already open to a larger public, it is planned to establish a system of shuttles, which would communicate in the city center with the venue both at the beginning of the concert and at the end.

The new space for concerts is located on the slopes of the Alba and Cepudo mountains, a few meters from the Sanatorio del Alba restaurant, which, according to the organization, opens the doors to offer a service of meals and drinks, coinciding with the celebration of the concerts. This offer joins a classic of the Vigo music scene, O Revoltallo, which last summer held its 27th edition, during the second half of September. The festival, organized by the youth group of Valadares, is celebrated in the surroundings of the Cultural Center of the parish.

Last year, the community members rented a land without forest productivity of 40,000 square meters for 20 years to set up a leisure park. 30 years ago a filling was made, which was intended to be used as an auditorium. The idea that did not work out at first is now being recovered.