Videos | Silvestre Dangond received a strong blow to the head in the middle of a concert; What happened?

Silvestre Dangond is one of the most recognized artists in Colombia; Thanks to his songs and his most recent appearance in the RCN channel novel about Leandro Díaz, the singer is considered one of the most important vallenato performers in the country.

Recently, the artist was the protagonist of an unfortunate event at one of his concerts and many on social networks criticized what happened.

The artist was invited to a concert in the municipality of Pitalito, in Huila, where he performed his most recognized hits and thousands of attendees enjoyed the concert singing aloud.

However, at one point during the presentation, someone from the audience threw an object onto the stage that fell on Dangond’s head, who received a strong blow that left him visibly in pain.

In fact, for a few moments you can see the artist hold his head and get a little dizzy. Fortunately, the event did not become major and the concert continued without problems. Dangond continued with his presentation.

At the moment, the singer’s team has not ruled on the fact or the organizers of the event. The identity of the person who would have thrown the object at the singer is also unknown.

Videos | Marc Anthony received a “bottle” at his concert in Medellín

Through social networks, a video was made viral in which the “bottle” that they gave the salsa singer after he affirmed that liquor was needed was evidenced. Upon his request, half of brandy hit his legs at his concert in Medellín.

Despite the blow he must have suffered, Marc Anthony didn’t seem really upset with his audience by the act, instead he waved the audience to calm down and continued singing his song. Pale Flower, while everyone clapped and chanted to the music.

What I lack is a brandy of those ”, were the singer’s words, which were accompanied by the uproar of those attending the concert due to the Puerto Rican’s interest in one of the country’s traditional drinks. Nevertheless, the screams were also accompanied by the banging of the bottle.

Given this, the comments of the Internet users did not wait and the humorous messages about the “immediacy” with which the Puerto Rican received the brandy were the ones that stood out the most.. “Singing ‘Flor pálida’ and the one who was pale was him”, “Immediate delivery”, “RAPPI improving the delivery service”, “He ordered a drink and they almost threw the factory at him”, and “Hahaha they almost broke it”were some of the messages that are read on social networks.

The producers of Show they told the newspaper The Colombian that the singer requires some elements to maintain his comfort in the dressing room; for example, comfortable sofas. The Puerto Rican also requested that there be scentless white candles inside the placespecifically with three inches in diameter.

On the other hand, he especially requested that the decoration of the dressing room not be very flashy, but something much more subtle. Within the list, he also added a “good brand” wine, without specifying any; obviously, with their respective cheese board. and could not miss Colombian coffee, for which Marc Anthony asked for an aluminum cup to drink it.

This was the first time that the singer appeared in paisa territory after the pandemic, and shared the stage with multiple Latin artists such as Silvestre Dangond, Jessi Uribe, Blessd, Heber Vargas, DJ Pope and DJ Agudelo 888.

“2022 has been a year full of stars on the country’s stages, and Medellín, Three years after his last visit to Colombia, the city of eternal spring receives one of the most influential artists of his time. and a true ambassador of Latin music and culture, Marc Anthony,” said the concert organizers, through a statement about the Puerto Rican’s presentation.

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Videos | Silvestre Dangond received a strong blow to the head in the middle of a concert; What happened?