Videos | Netflix released the official trailer for the new version of ‘Matilda’

the giant of streaming Netflix released the first preview of the new movie Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical an adaptation of the original 1988 novel, written by Roald Dahl, popularized in the 1996 classic directed by Danny DeVito and starring Mara Wilson.

The new version of Matilda will hit the platform in December and has already sown a huge expectation among movie fans. One of the novelties, compared to the feature film of the 90s, is that the future installment will have the format of a musical, based on the one presented during 2010, which, in turn, had DeVito’s film as a reference.

Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical It is emerging as a nostalgic bet from Netflix, taking up the story of Matilda and well-remembered characters, such as the evil Tronchatoro and the sweet Señorita Miel.

The first trailer revealed scenes full of music and dance, as well as references to the previous film, such as the cake that must be eaten entirely by Bruce, when Matilda’s father dyes his hair, and the moment when Tronchatoro sends blow up a girl by taking her by her braids.

The new delivery is carried out by Alisha Weir, who will give life to Matilda; Lashana Lynch, as Miss Honey, and Emma Thompson, in the role of Tronchatoro. Under the direction of Matthew Warchus, Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical aspires to become a hit by the end of 2022 on Netflix.

The Squid Game: The Challengethe reality show that Netflix announced about the series

the Netflix series the squid game will have a second season, as announced by the platform streaming, after the success of the first part of this story in the previous year.

In addition to the second season, Netflix also announced on its Twitter account that it will have a reality show based on this story.

“The biggest series in Netflix history becomes the reality show largest in history. ‘The Squid Game: The Challenge’. Coming soon”, can be read in the trill of the platform, which is accompanied by a video that tells more details of the production.

In the post, Netflix also announces “the biggest prize in history” for the reality show, with a value of 4.56 million dollars. Also, He stressed that there will be 456 participants in this.

“The biggest risk is not playing”, is another of the messages that Netflix publishes about this novel reality show that seeks to attract the attention of the followers of this series, who are also waiting for its second season.

According to the platform streaming, The Squid Game It became the most watched series in the history of this platform, with more than 1,650 million hours of reproduction worldwide.

Hwang Dong-hyuk is the writer and director of this production and said, “the squid game it is meant to be an allegory of modern society.”

Although the production premiered on September 17, 2021 on Netflix, this was written 13 years ago by Dong-hyuk, but had been shelved because of various problems the director encountered at the time. According to him, his inspiration was the Japanese comics of battle royale that I read in that year.

This series has nine chapters in its first season and is a South Korean production, which shows the story of hundreds of players who have no money and accept an invitation, a little strange, to compete in traditional children’s games of the culture of this country to win a large amount of money. However, the participants do not know that the fun they offer can kill them.

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Videos | Netflix released the official trailer for the new version of ‘Matilda’