Videos | Marc Anthony starred in a strange movement during a concert in Ecuador, was his nose itching?

Salsa singer Marc Anthony had a concert in Quito, Ecuador, this Friday, October 7, in which he was accompanied by the Colombian artist Maluma. Reactions to his introduction were quite positive; nevertheless, A video began to go viral that leaves several doubts about a curious action carried out by a salsero born in New York.

TikTok user AleSalazar1909 was in charge of publishing the clip on that social network and revealing a moment that caught the attention of the artist’s followers and those who are in the cut with everything that has to do with the interpreter of Live my life.

In the video, which lasts just 22 seconds, the salsero is seen playing, with all the necessary energy, the drums during his concert at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium in Quito. After his intervention, she throws the drumsticks and puts her hands to her nose, turning her back to the public.

in that instant walk a few steps to the back of the stage, runs his hands over his face again and turns around, facing the audience, to continue his Show.

The video and what is seen in it gave rise to all kinds of speculation about what the artist was doing on stage; there were users who reacted and linked that action with an alleged consumption of some substance through the nose.

Others pointed out that it could be a reaction to a nasal symptom caused by a flu or a cold and there were even those who pointed out that it was blowing.

It is not the first time that the singer’s followers echo his strange movements during his concerts; In 2021, his jaw movements also caught the attention of those who were at a presentation of the American and pointed out that this would be a typical reaction of someone who uses prohibited substances.

Bottled Marc Anthony in Medellin

Through social networks, a video went viral in which the “bottle” that they gave the salsa singer after he stated that aguardiente was needed. After his request, half a brandy hit his legs.

Despite the hard blow he must have suffered, Marc Anthony did not seem really upset with his audience for the act, but instead motioned to the audience to calm down and continued singing his song. Pale Flower, while everyone clapped and sang along to the music.

What I need is one of those brandies”, were the singer’s words, which were accompanied by the uproar of those attending the concert due to the Puerto Rican’s interest in one of the country’s traditional drinks. Nevertheless, the screams were also accompanied by the banging of the bottle.

Given this, the comments of Internet users were immediate and the jocular messages about the “immediacy” with which the Puerto Rican received the brandy were the ones that stood out the most.. “Singing ‘Flor pálida’ and the one who turned pale was him”, “Immediate delivery”, “RAPPI improving the delivery service”, “He asked for a drink and they almost threw the factory at him”, and “Hahaha they almost bankrupted him”were some of the messages that are read on social networks.

The artist has also been the subject of comments from people who have criticized his extreme thinness, because in some photographs that circulate on the internet He looks very skinny, so his followers have questioned the artist’s state of health.

“He seems sick”, “The years do not pass in vain”, “He has always been like this”, “He is simply disheveled and sleepless”, “The JLo effect”, “It is an aging person, nothing strange”, are some of the comments that Internet users made when they saw the images.

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Videos | Marc Anthony starred in a strange movement during a concert in Ecuador, was his nose itching?