Video: with the complicity of Maluma, a fan asks his girlfriend to marry him in full concert

Asking for marriage in public has become very popular, but some want to go further and do it in front of thousands of people, as did a follower of Maluma, who, with the complicity of the singer, asked his girlfriend to marry him in the stage of one of the concerts of the Antioqueño.

And well… This happened in Mexico. There are already 2 marriage proposals on stage, who will be next?”, Maluma wrote on his Instagram account along with the video of the man in love who expressed all his love in front of those attending the presentation of the Colombian singer.

The video of the marriage proposal at Maluma’s concert has more than 301 thousand “likes” and about 2,500 comments on his Instagram account, which adds a little more than 62.5 million followers.

With the publication of the video and his gesture to help the fan ask for marriage, the singer Maluma received hundreds of comments from his followers. “You are the most humble in person, great blessings”, “this couple is lucky because Maluma attends this proposal” and “only you provoke this desire for marriage”, were some of the messages that reached the account of the urban music performer.

Maluma does a peculiar dance with his new song; this is how the networks react

The Colombian artist lit up the networks with two publications; the first, a sensual video that was recorded by a model that hinted at what his next musical production would be; and the second, a suggestive photo that did not go unnoticed on his Instagram account.

“I’m going to upload this here before they see it elsewhere,” the artist wrote on his social networks while his fans they saw the video of a woman who was recorded in front of a mirror while the singer slept in his bed, all of the above was speculated at the time, as part of the publicity for his new single.

“I was scared hahaha mere publicity”; “I figured she uploaded this without him knowing etc etc 🤣🤣 I was already watching a lot of drama!! how good marketing”; “Damn he almost gave me a strike 😂”, were three of the hundreds of messages that can be read on the artist’s social networks.

Later Maluma published a second post, in which he is seen very sensually posing in front of a mirror: the hands of a woman who touches him while he is half-naked can be seen. This image did not go unnoticed either and was commented on by his followers.

“That photooooo oh god I love!!!”; “Who broke your heart daddy” were some of the nearly 37 thousand comments from his fans, who were surprised by the image that had just over 2.7 million likes.

In this sequence of publications, in order to promote his new musical production, the urban genre artist danced the song in a peculiar way we eat each other alivewhich is part of his new album that accumulates millions of comments on different digital platforms.

Maluma’s dance surprised many of his followers, some compared it to the dances that become popular on the TikTok social network.

But one of the images that also surprised his fans It is the photo of the kiss that occurs with a woman. It should be clarified that in the month of December 2021 the singer wrote on his Instagram account “Thank you Santa”, while he gave a kiss to what would be his girlfriend.

The new single released a few days ago entitled we eat each other alive with Chencho Corleone adds more than 4.8 million reproductions on the platform of Youtube.

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Video: with the complicity of Maluma, a fan asks his girlfriend to marry him in full concert