Video: This is how Carlos Vives supported Shakira in full concert after his separation from Piqué

On October 21 and 22, the Colombian singer Carlos Vives gave two concerts at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, where he made his followers vibrate and sing his songs, who once and again fill the stage every time samarium offers its Show in the capital of the country.

At 9:00 at night the concerts that correspond to his “Cumbiana Tour” began and in which he sang classics that fill all Colombians with nostalgia such as “Pa Mayté”, “Volví a Nacer”, “La Tierra del Olvido”, among other well-known songs that have made Samarium one of the most successful singers in Colombia and abroad.

The moment of surprises came when Carlos Vives performed the song the bike, which was successful thanks to the collaboration of samarium with Shakira from Barranquilla. At the moment the song began, the Colombian cyclist Rigoberto Urán climbed on stage on his bicycle, in a surprise that filled the more than 14,000 attendees at the Movistar Arena with joy.

In that song, Shakira dedicated several parts of the lyrics to the soccer player Gerard Piqué, who was her sentimental partner at the time. So in the parts of the song that it was obvious that they were for Spanish, the public decided to remain silent in a clear show of support for the Colombian singer.

Message that he understood very well and to which Carlos Vives wanted to join, because the samarium made a gesture that made his support for the Barranquillera clear. “He likes the house better, that the hours do not pass. He likes Barranquilla, he likes Barcelona”, the song originally says in clear reference to the cities of Shakira and Piqué.

However, in this part of the song the samarium singer was very intelligent to, with a small gesture, support his colleague in the controversial breakup, because at the moment that the song mentions the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​Vives decided not to sing it and, on the contrary, to make a gesture with his hands, indicating that in that part he preferred to remain silent.

As expected, the gesture of the samarium was applauded by the Bogota public who did not want to dedicate the popular song to the Barcelona footballer. In a clear show of support for the Colombian, in one of the most difficult sentimental moments that she has had to live in recent years.

In the midst of the boom that the breakup of both celebrities took, the eyes of the Spanish press rested on the public appearances of the Barranquilla and the Catalan, in addition to the announcements that came to light about their private lives. The reporters were aware of the meetings that the two celebrities carried out, in addition to the decisions they made regarding the welfare of minors.

Recently, after reveal that Shakira facing a complex moment due to health problems that her father, William Mebarak, hadthe attention of the singer’s followers was placed on the soccer player, who left more than one speechless with a surprising and unexpected visit he made to his ex-partner’s house in Barcelona.

According to what Europa Press reported, the FC Barcelona defender was caught entering and leaving the Colombian’s residence, where they would have met for a short time. The Spaniard went to the place precisely after the pop artist officially premiered her song Monotonywhich would have hints for him because of the courtship they had.

As seen in the images, Gerard Piqué was in the house of his ex-partner precisely at the harsh moment in which his ex-father-in-law was hospitalized and examined for discomfort he presented. Although the reason for the visit is unknown, media such as Telemundo stated that the athlete visited Shakira and her family to find out about William Mebarak’s health status.

Although this was not confirmed for now, the truth is that Europa Press uploaded a video in which the Spaniard was detailed with a fairly large suitcase, which he was moving and moving off the site. The paparazzi tried to ask Piqué about Monotonybut he decided to put aside these questions and continue on his way, once again.

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Video: This is how Carlos Vives supported Shakira in full concert after his separation from Piqué