Video: they catch a young man lying on WhatsApp to his partner in full concert

a new video in TikTok caused the outrage of thousands of Internet users, after it appeared a woman lying to her alleged partner. In the middle of a party, the young woman wrote that she was at her house.

The event occurred in a presentation by Luis R. Conriquez, at the Fiestas de Octubre, held in Guadalajara, Mexico. The festivities are characterized by concerts and nightly events throughout the month.

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A few days ago a TikTok user named Camila Rangel shared the unusual case. While enjoying the show of Luis Conriquez, one of the most popular artists in the country, a young woman took out her cell phone to answer her partner.

In the images it can be seen that the man claimed him for not answering him. The woman assured him that she had fallen asleep and that she had low blood pressure problems.

“My love, I slept well, I arrived and I felt bad. Sorry, my pressure dropped, I came around 5 o’clock,” he wrote.

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Video: They catch a young man lying on Whatsapp to his partner in full concert

The woman was enjoying the party.


TikTok: @camilarangel19

The video

The publication already has more than 19 million views on the social network. Almost 14 thousand users have left their comments on the particular situation. In most of them, they expressed their outrage at the young woman’s actions.

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The recording, of only 10 seconds, shows that after dawn, the woman decided to respond to her boyfriend who had been writing since 8 that same night. The man even tried to call her several times.

Many netizens expressed that due to situations like that, they felt mistrust with their partners. For others, the video was funny and they were amused by the ability of the protagonist to lie.

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Video: they catch a young man lying on WhatsApp to his partner in full concert