Video: They applaud the noble gesture that Johnny Rivera had with street sweepers during a concert

Johnny Rivera He is one of the most loved and admired artists by Colombians. During his career, he has not only fueled his legacy with hits like The womanizer, My decision, You do not forget meamong others, but has also earned a special place in the hearts of his fans thanks to his charisma.

The popular music singer is also usually quite active on his social networks, especially on Instagram, where he has a community of 3 million followers.. It was precisely on this digital platform that she shared a unique moment that she lived with a group of women during her concert in San Gil, Santander.

While I was singing in San Gil, they were sweeping the streets. I invited them to dance with me”, was the text that accompanied the publication. In the video you can see how Jhonny Rivera invited the group of street sweepers to the stage and they, with broom in hand, danced to the rhythm of their music.

The joy of the special guests was evident. The women did not stop dancing and greeting the crowd that was present at the show. Likewise, they did not miss the opportunity to hug Jhonny Rivera and take photos with him. In the end, the popular artist gave them money and told them: “Take these 300 so they can raffle them off.”

Jhonny Rivera’s noble gesture prompted several compliments from his followers on social networks, who expressed their admiration and affection for him.

“That’s why he’s doing the way he’s doing, because he’s a GREAT human being!!!”; “I love seeing his posts for being such a great gentleman. That gesture is very nice. Congratulations”; “This man makes good music and after that he does a lot of good deeds. It’s not the first time. A complete guy”; “Bravo, for more human beings like you”; “Beautiful and beautiful all of them, women who go out to work”; “And the ladies enjoyed it”; “That is being humble in this life and having a reason to be famous… Blessings and continue with those beautiful gestures,” say some of the comments highlighted in the publication.

Jhonny Rivera gave details of the Karol G concert: “I experienced something magical”

Through his Instagram stories, the Pereiran enabled a box of questions and answers a few days ago. One of the questions asked by Internet users was about his experience at the Karol G concert that he attended in the United States, a country from which he recently returned.

From the comfort of his home, Rivera answered the questions asked by his followers. Regarding Karol G’s concert, he did not hold back the praise and highlighted the fabulous experience he had during the paisa artist’s show.

That was amazing madness, I experienced something magical, the most beautiful show. I have many videos, but yesterday I uploaded many videos, so I do not want to saturate them, but I have many beautiful videos, I am going to share them with you this week, ”said Jhonny Rivera.

Immediately, he also responded to another Internet user who asked if he had had the opportunity to greet Karol G. The shared video spoke for itself and showed a few seconds of the interaction between the two artists.

“How are you? Did you like it?” asked Karol G. To which Rivera replied: “I congratulate you, my God. ugh, what a joke”.

In this way, although without giving further details, Jhonny Rivera highlighted how rewarding it was to see the live show of a world-class artist like Karol G. It is worth remembering that Bichota has lived a dream year, as she came to platforms such as Coachella and Tomorrowland with her music.

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Video: They applaud the noble gesture that Johnny Rivera had with street sweepers during a concert