Video: the moment when Pepe Aguilar scolds his daughter Ángela in full concert in Zacatecas

Currently Angela Aguilar has become at 18 years in one of the most popular and successful representatives of regional Mexican musiccaptivating everyone with his melodies and his voice.

Nevertheless, the young interpreter has also been involved in several controversieseither regarding his sentimental life or due to comments that are not to the liking of several of his followers on social networks.

On this occasion, the artist was involved in the public eye again after a presentation with her father, Pepe Aguilar in the state of Zacatecas where the singer was scolded for the type of clothing she wore.

The situation began when the governor of Zacatecas, David Monreal granted the young singer the appointment of Cultural Representative of our earth.

After the appointment, Pepe Aguilar invites his daughter to the stage to interpret the song “Tu Sangre en mi Cuerpo”. The moment the singer appears in front of the public, Pepe does not hesitate to show his distaste for his daughter’s dress, specifically for its neckline.

Before interpreting the song, Mr. Aguilar says these words: “Let’s see, Ángela, I have three things to tell you. The first is: congratulations. The second is: Shall we play a song? And finally: Why is that dump you’re wearing so low-cut?

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The singer ended by saying “Excuse me… we say what we feel, so let’s say it with a song“. Angela’s reaction was surprise and she reflected it in her laughter when she heard her father’s comments.

The singer’s words became viral on social networks, generating several comments giving their different points of view as to whether Pepe Aguilar’s actions were correct or not.

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Some people claimed that the singer’s actions were justified, while others claimed that the scolding in the middle of the concert was not necessary and that the dress worn by the singer was not provocative.

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Video: the moment when Pepe Aguilar scolds his daughter Ángela in full concert in Zacatecas