Video: the embarrassing fight that took place at a Rosalía concert in the United States

A concert, in the middle of the musical tour Motomami World Tour –the third round of shows live with which he will visit Europe, North America and Latin America-, of the renowned Spanish singer Rosalía, was “stained” by an embarrassing fight that generated disorder and chaos among the audience.

The events occurred during a presentation in San Francisco, California, United States. In the images you can see how a group of attendees, around seven people, did not know how to behave in such an event, unleashing a fight between men and women; from hair grabbing, scratching, hitting, shoving and so on, she left this ‘war’.

The videos were recorded by the same fans who witnessed the event, and were published on social networks. Some witnesses point out that the Spanish singer interpreted her hit buleríaswhich is part of his album ‘Motomami’ from 2022.

But apparently, the tension of the night did not end there. In a second video, posted by @zandirts, circulating on social media, the fans point out another inconvenience moments before the start of the Show. Two men who were in the crowd threatened to go to blows, but this did not go any further..

In the middle of a concert, he exchanged Versace glasses for a kiss

A few weeks ago, Rosalía was in Colombia and her presentation generated a lot of expectation among her fans in the country. during his Show at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, the interpreter of well-known songs such as Bizcochito, Last night, Despechá, The fame, among others, he was able to notice the affection of the attendees.

In the middle of his world tour, a video at one of the concerts has gone viral. Although it is not known exactly where it was, it is possible to see what the Spanish singer did for a gift. During one of her songs it could be seen that a fan threw a small box at her that reached the feet of the artist while on the stage. The singer grabbed the box and, when she opened it, she was very surprised. They were luxury sunglasses and the Spanish woman knew it as soon as she saw them.

However, despite knowing the value of the striking gift, in the video it can be seen that Rosalía did not hesitate for a second in what she should do and immediately began to search among the public for the person who had bought her such a gift for give it back

“This is too much. I have to return it, but I’ll return it with a kiss (…) These are the Versace that are not imitation, guys, they are real. I’m going to give you back the glasses because they are too pretty”. It should be noted that at another concert, she even received an engagement ring.

The Spanish singer received a tremendous blow to the face during a show; a fan gave him an unexpected gift

Recently, the European was the protagonist of a series of news on digital platforms, since He was the victim of an unexpected situation because of the gesture that one of his followers had in a show.

According to content that was disseminated on social networks, the artist was on stage giving closure to one of her songs when she was hit in the face by a detail that a fan wanted to give her. Rosalía was accompanied by her dancers, when she was surprised by a bouquet of flowers that was thrown at her from the crowd.

The object hit her directly in the face, so she did not avoid capturing her expression of astonishment and discontent. The videos showed the situation and the reaction of the Spanish woman, who gave a brief smile and made an archer gesture, pointing at the person responsible.

Nevertheless, Rosalía did not miss the opportunity to speak on the subject, so she turned to her official Twitter account to send a few words to her followers, recommending that they not throw objects into the area of ​​the stage where she was. This text was dedicated to avoid blows or accidents at the time of her presentation.

Please do not throw things on the stage and if you are a motomami you throw them anyway, then throw them on the opposite side to where I am, thank you”, wrote the celebrity in the trill.

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Video: the embarrassing fight that took place at a Rosalía concert in the United States